33-year-old Tal Maimon is the Owner and operator of Maimon’s Group Luxury, Rentals and Concierge services. At age 23 he completed his service in the Israeli navy then decided to move to united states. He worked as a waiter for the first year and slowly began to set his sights on a position that was more financially stable. He then worked in construction and gradually built his knowledge on how to build a home, from cost of materials and goods to financing. Tal really enjoyed his work; however, he had always felt that his interest’s were in real-estate. During his work in construction he took the opportunity to invest in a solar company which he’s currently a partner at. The lessons he’s made in this process have by no doubt played a huge role in his success. The people he has met have been inspirational and have really shown him that with dedication and hard work anything is possible. Here’s what he said during the interview. 

Tal Maimon

Tal can you share with us what the best advice you’ve ever received was?

Tal: The best advice would have to be the one my father gave me. I remember his words vividly.

“Pick your partners wisely, everything is good when its good and everything is bad when is bad. to get in to partnership or a relationship is easy, to finish them is where it gets hard and ugly.”

What were the biggest entrepreneurship lessons you learned from your experience with Maimons Group?

  1. The biggest lesson for me has been to deal with homeowners and clients directly. In this way you’re minimizing misunderstanding and you’re also building a connection that will essentially bring you returning clients.

  2. Always make sure to have the payment and deposit before the client checks in. In this way you’re protecting the homeowners and yourself. So many people in this city bypass this very basic step and end up with damaged property and extended stays that will never be paid for. My goal has always been to protect the homeowner and provide a nice experience for the client.

What are two things you wish someone told you when you first started?

  1. Having had several businesses before, I feel I would have benefited most if my younger self knew to always deal with homeowners and clients directly. So much can be misconstrued with a third party, and I have learned that the best way to represent your business is to represent it yourself.
  2. And the second things would be, if something sounds too good to be true. Then it is and you should run from it. In my case challenging endeavors have always proven to be most rewarding in all aspects of life. If something is easy, I am not interested.
Tal Maimon

What has been the biggest challenge and, on the flip side, the biggest reward of starting the Maimons Group?

Tal: The biggest challenge was transitioning from nightlife to luxury services. Of course, it’s a completely different clientele. And of course, we all know how much doubt there is with new business’. But I truly believe that if you aim for perfection and set high standards for your own performance, then you will succeed.

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