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The moment you think about talking to yourself, it sounds outright funny and crazy, right? But science has other ideas. Scientists believe people usually speak to themselves throughout the day without realizing it. For example, how many times you were late for a meeting or an event and thought that “Oh my god, I’ll be late” or “I’m so late I won’t finish this work within the deadline?” These have crossed your mind, but you never said it out loud. And, that’s where scientists think that talking to yourself has a lot of advantages.

Conquer the moment

According to Lisa Ferentz, talking to yourself improves your behavioral choices and emotional states. It works like a stigma where your mind craves to do what you speak. For example, if you long to buy a luxurious home and you say that out loud, your brain will work towards that goal. Expressing your inner thoughts helps you conquer both your present and future. Of course, you need to work hard to achieve that goal, but it is a positive step that keeps you mentally healthy.

There are thousands of people who believe in procrastination religiously. That’s not a good sign for your mental or physical health. It’s an act that delays your desires because you don’t want to put your heart and soul into achieving your goal. Psychiatrists now think that the first step towards improving the mental condition of these people is talking to themselves. The inner monologue expresses your subsequent thoughts that help to stay positive. But, if you are judgmental, critical, or have a negative attitude, you will make it harder to deal with positivity throughout your life.

Write and listen

Talking to yourself doesn’t start by saying things out loud randomly. Scientists suggest you need to believe what you think and then speak to yourself. Those who think this is crazy can write down some of their positive affirmations, their strengths, and what they are grateful for. It may feel silly, but don’t give up just yet. Once you make a list of your strengths and affirmations, stand in front of the mirror. Say what you wrote and say it with conviction. Don’t just talk just for the sake of completing an exercise.

Once you start practicing, you will start feeling positive. In fact, science has it that talking to yourself can guide your way positively, whether you are conscious of the changes or not. A study on the students of the University of Lethbridge reveals that students engaging in positive or negative self-talk had a difference in attitude, reaction, and perspective. This is not something that makes you look like a fool. Instead, it is a sign that you are smarter than you think.

Sometimes, it is not necessary to speak things out loud. Even a self-whisper is enough to get things going in the right direction. It is the positivity of your mind that matters; not the volume at which you talk to yourself that is more important here.


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