Guided visualizations are useful tools and a staple of both the self-help literature and the arsenal of tools that coaches and therapists employ. In today’s post called “Tapping into Your Higher Consciousness,” creativity coach Marj Penley leads us through an excellent guided visualization that you can use to solve problems and to increase your creativity.

Marj explained:

Most of the time we’re probably traipsing around in our normal level of consciousness, taking care of all the stuff ‘n things of our daily life.  But what if we want or need some insights, guidance or support from our higher consciousness.  How can we get that?

One of the best approaches to getting guidance from our higher consciousness requires us to raise our consciousness.  If you’re ready for this adventure, you will want to first get into a comfortable position, probably lying on a couch or on a carpeted floor with a pillow under your head.  You may want also want want to have a light blanket covering you.  When you’re ready, take a couple deep breaths and begin to relax all your muscles, beginning with the muscles in your feet and working up your body slowly, relaxing each set of muscles until you are relaxing the muscles in your face.

When you are completely relaxed, imagine yourself in a meadow.   You may become aware of some tall grasses in the meadow and perhaps a red-winged blackbird or two.  Take a few moments to become aware of whatever you experience in the meadow.

Now you see a path to your right.  You follow the path and discover it leads to a mountain.  You begin climbing up the mountain path.  You see a stream of water splashing over some rocks next to the path.  As you climb up the mountain path, you may see many different wildflowers and you might even see a small animal scampering out of sight.  You keep climbing until you reach the top of the mountain.

Once you’re on top of the mountain, you’ll want to find a comfortable place to sit or lie down. If you’re searching for the answer to a problem that you have had, now is the time to ask for some solutions to it or some understanding of it. Perhaps you’d rather focus on a creative project.  If that’s the case, then close your eyes.  Breathe in and out slowly and deeply.  Allow yourself to relax and allow an image to come to mind that relates to your current creative work.  Move your eyes over the image and allow it to become more and more vivid and clear.

Stay up on the mountain top just as long as you like, enjoying the sunshine and, perhaps, focusing on some other problem you have been having or allowing some other artistic or creative idea to come to you.  This is the time and place for creative insights as well as solutions to problems.

When you are ready, imagine coming down the mountain in any way that appeals to you and returning to the meadow.

Make sure you are fully back to normal consciousness by saying aloud the date and your home address. If you’ve gotten some insights into a problem you’ve been having or some ideas for a creative project, you’ll probably want to make a few notes before you forget.

Remember that you can return to the mountain top and the sunshine anytime you want to solve problems or gain creative insights!


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