Women are special beings, sometimes loaded with unending responsibilities at home, workplaces, and sometimes at school. All this can feel so overwhelming, and most delve into the ditch of emotional eating to deal with these life stresses, turns, and twists. Instead of solving the problem, these create more problems of weight gain due to poor eating habits and sometimes lifestyle diseases. But this doesn’t have to be you. You can overcome the urge to eat emotionally and get the healing you need, thanks to Holistic Health with Tara.

Tara is an experienced and passionate faith-based holistic health coach committed to helping women rise above poor eating habits. She has had a history of emotional eating disorder and fully understands the consistent struggles that women are having. It has not always been easy, and when the world seemed to be caving in because of COVID, her emotional eating started to creep in with a vengeance. She states,

“I was finishing up my certification as an Integrative Health Practitioner Level 2 and knew there was so much more to health and weight loss than just diet and exercise.   I needed another powerful strategy to combat this for all time, I created my Faith-Based Holistic Health programs to empower women just like me”. She continues, “I am proud that since then, I have had a greater than 90% success rate empowering women to take back their health and wellness”.

All these unending food struggles birthed Holistic Health with Tara. This program is designed for women who need emotional eating coaching and those who need functional medicine labs to get to the root causes of the issues. Tara is skilled in offering 1:1 coaching to both groups and meet the specific needs of her clients.

As a competent integrative health practitioner, the one piece of advice she can offer women is “STOP, DROP &FEEL.” This means to stop at the moment of the desire to eat emotionally, drop to the knees in prayer for strength and self-control, and finally, permit yourself to feel the emotion you are truly feeling. Clearly, the issue isn’t hunger but life stresses such as marriage, kids, finances, workplace, etc. When you realize emotional eating will not solve your problems, but it’s likely to aggravate the situation, you are better positioned to overcome the urge.

Tara finds great delight in coaching women over 40 years to ensure they feel empowered instead of exhausted. She is most proud of the power to overcome emotional eating that women develop through true soul and faith searching.  She notes, “We were not designed to have self-control, but God provides it to us when we cry out to Him.”  She finds this an additional and incredibly powerful tool to add to clients’ tool belts.  As a personal trainer & certified life coach, she can customize or modify workouts through her program to maximize her clients’ movements throughout their day.  

Tara prides herself as a unique coach who also doubles as a cheerleader who desires physical, emotional, and spiritual healing for her clients. She is determined to get to the depths of her client’s issues and patiently help them rise above the mire, to discover a world of healing they have not known before. Women in her Holistic Health 12 week intensive programs also receive the Emotional Eating Bible Study that brings incredible faith-based insight.  If you want to discover true healing and avoid emotional eating, contact Tara today.