Technology is becoming a god of itself. The innovations happening in the world of technology have proven that humans can now put their minds to rest. Over time, technology has provided solutions to things which man believed could be a problem. In continuation of this, mental health treatment has not been left out.

Not all the people you see on the street are a hundred percent okay. Most of them especially adults are battling depression and anxiety. Though there are reasons that necessitate man to think, we need to be careful so that it would not affect our mental state. 

Depression is one of the major issues confronting adults. Several findings have suggested that it will be a great burden to healthcare by 2030. Frankly speaking, the future of mental health is in jeopardy and great troubles with the way depression is causing mental disorders in the global world. Therefore, there is a need for help in mental health treatment. Going by this, what is the role of technology in the future of mental health treatment? 

The good news is this; a bright light has appeared to the future of mental health and this bright light is coming from the world of technology. In recent times, mental illness goes beyond the absence of any form of mental illness. It includes how we react to every challenge we face in life. 

Technology has created a medium through which mental health treatment will be more effective than ever before. This generation is beginning to channel technology to better use in the aspect of mental health. This will help to provide better equipment for the psychological well-being of humans. 

As a way out, technology has transformed mental health faster than expected. These days, cognitive and behavioral therapies are available online. This is one of the pieces of evidence that technology is really helpful. The truth is this; the majority of online therapies are useful for people with moderate depression and anxiety. 

For instance, if you are feeling depressed or anxious, you can run a check-up for yourself at home at any time via available channels such as online programs. Over the years, thousands of users are making use of these programs for their treatment. 

Also, the study of mental health has been resharpened completely by technology. There are e-mental health programs such as Black Dog institute on the internet. These are online programs that help people who are interested in the study of mental health across the global world. Through these programs, you get to meet some of the world’s great minds.

The Pros of technology in the future of mental health

The introduction of technology to mental health treatment has brought in the following advantages;

  • Convenience

Gone are the days when you have to go to the hospital for treatment concerning depression and anxiety. Technology has provided a better solution to this. You can now treat yourself at any place at any time. It is very useful for those who might not have time to keep appointments. Planetnews live and other platforms make this possible.

  • Anonymity

One of the reasons why some people do not keep appointments is because they want to remain anonymous. Now you can access the treatment options without getting in contact with any other person.

  • Introduction to health care

This is for those who have been running from mental health care services. It is easier for you through the help of technology as you can make now use of online mental health care services.

  • Low cost

No need for paying for cards and booking for appointments with a therapist. All you need to do is to download free online e-mental health care Apps or less costly e-mental health care Apps.

  • A better service

A larger number of people can access treatment compared to traditional care. With the aid of technology, people living in areas that are not easily accessible to mental health providers can now be treated through e-mental health care Apps. 

  • Interest

Some people love online channels than traditional channels. All these technological advanced apps are appealing to people.

  • 24/7 availability

One of the greatest advantages of technology is the removal of the time barrier. With all these newly invented Apps, you can access the service at any time of the day without a time barrier or restrictions.

  • Consistency

Technology is certain of providing a service that can durable with the test of time. The same services can be provided to all users without barriers.

  • Support

The introduction of technology does not mean that traditional therapy is no longer useful. Technology provides support to traditional therapy. It added more new skills to traditional therapy.

The Cons of technology in the future of mental health

Nothing is a hundred percent perfect. Every good thing has its disadvantages also. Here are the cons of technology in the future of mental health;

  • Effectiveness

The major problem associated with technology is the scientific verification of everything. It would want to obtain evidence that might probably work as every traditional method will do. This is likely to be impossible.

  • Intended users

One major concern is how do you know that the apps will work for a majority of people facing mental health conditions. Therefore it might be difficult to judge its effectiveness.

  • Privacy

Another great concern for the majority of people is how do you know that your personal information will be kept safe by the app makers.

  • Guidance

No standard to measure if all these technologies can prove their effectiveness. You need to be assured if those apps are up to the standard.

  • Regulation

Some associations and groups regulate the activities of therapists but there is no one to regulate activities of mental health technology. 

  • Overselling

Just like in the situation of regulation, it is not easy to detect if an app or program is efficient. There might be a situation in which an app or program might not deliver up to the promises made. It could affect the sales of other apps that are effective.

In conclusion, technology will keep making progress in the aspect of mental health treatment and there is better hope for the future of mental health.



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