It is difficult to find a business, regardless of its size or complexity that does not adopt technology as a key tool for the success and development of its business.

An ERP has the capacity to support all the processes of a business, so it allows to have updated and reliable information. Regardless of the complexity of the business, there is an ERP that adapts to the needs of the company and that integrated to new technologies allows organizations to offer innovative services and new means of information processing.

It is enough to observe how today users make their purchases, their payments, their bank transactions, and even government procedures, to realize the changes that businesses are experiencing to meet the demands of their customers and all these technologies are supported or integrated to the ERP.

How much is impacting ERP in companies?

The ERP has already been causing its impact for many years; companies no longer have to take administrative and financial procedures in an Excel or a manual way.

It has impacted on organizational structures, roles and how they function in the organization, for example, it is not necessary to fill out forms, obtain so many signatures, etc. Already all flows have changed and efficiency has been improved, so for hotels, restaurants, small and medium-sized businesses, and even festivals, there is an ERP that can help them.

Is change management complicated in an implementation project?

Change management can be complicated and this is influenced by the size of the organization and how informed people are, for the human being, change is something very difficult, sometimes as much as one wants to change and say they have to improve things, we resist change.

Does the advice include a follow-up?

We stay from the beginning to the end; we also have a stabilization stage. Normally in these types of projects we practically move to the company, activities are done and all the risks are mitigated.

We have a pre-implementation stage, the implementation stage and the post-implementation stage, which is where we make sure that real people are properly using the new tool and are also taking advantage of the change.

Who changes management depends on?

It depends a lot on the staff,   the tool and the leaders. Also the communication, which has to do with how to conduct a marketing campaign and bombard people with new information and benefits. The focus of success is also that you work a lot with the leaders of the company because it can’t be that people are working, everyone is trying to support the change, but the general manager just says he supports the change.

What positive results have been seen?

People use the new systems, ERP implementation is much faster if people are really taking advantage of the benefits it offers. It is very important that they not only carry out the transactions but that they know what they are doing.

Obviously, it has also been possible to return the investment, because they can carry out a greater number of operations. New roles change and also benefits and bonuses.


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