Technology has always played a role in sustaining our planet, but it may be helping out now more than ever. Innovations in smart cities, renewable energy, and clean transportation have created a better resource management system. There are many challenges for technology in the sustainability sector, but the ultimate goal is to deliver solutions that the next generation can benefit from. Let’s take a look at some of the ways technology plays a role in creating a more sustainable future.

Maximizing Solar Energy

In more recent years, renewable energy has grown due to the increase in accessibility and affordability of energy sources. The Solar Energy Institute Association shared that the cost of solar energy installation has dropped over 70% in the past decade. Many traditional energy companies have stepped into the solar industry to see an improvement in conserving natural resources. As of right now, an average solar panel had less than 19% efficiency, but with the help of technology, engineers are working to improve this.

Safety and Performance in Electric Vehicles

One of the most remarkable changes seen in the automotive industry is the production of electric vehicles (EV). Businesses and consumers worldwide have begun investing in EVs and expect to see a big jump in numbers by the year 2030. A frequent challenge seen in this industry is the interoperability of different manufacturers of EVs and charging stations. Technology plays a vital role in testing EV products to determine their lifecycle when it comes to safety. Testing allows engineers to regenerate power safely during the EV manufacture and qualification. Some people may see testing as a small part of the electric vehicle, but it helps create a clean transportation system by protecting engineers and consumers. These vehicles can potentially change the way of life for everyone on Earth with the help of technology.

In years to come, many businesses and companies in an array of industries will recognize environmental issues that can use the support of technology.