Great leaders aren’t necessarily born; they’re made. Watching certain TED Talks illustrates the point more clearly. They help people learn what it takes to be better leaders so that they’re able to succeed more effortlessly.

The following four TED Talks introduce the idea of leadership from the perspective of the speaker. Using real-life experiences as examples, they’re able to engage their audiences with a new way of thinking about leading. Learn more about leadership from the mouths of Dan Ariely, Roselinde Torres, Nigel Marsh, and Nilofer Merchant.

#1: “What Makes Us Feel Good About Our Work?”-Dan Ariely

As a behavioral economist, Ariely speaks about motivation and the workplace. He points out that few people feel inspired just by sitting or standing around doing their jobs. They need praise and incentives to feel satisfied with their roles.

#2: “What It Takes to Be a Great Leader”-Roselinde Torres

As an experienced professional who knows many great leaders, Torres identifies the three things that make good people outstanding in the workplace. She speaks candidly about what works and what doesn’t in today’s business world. Leaders should take note because there is no gray area in professional settings.

#3: “How to Make Work/Life Balance Work”-Nigel Marsh

Achieving the perfect balance between work, family, and personal commitments can feel like a fine art at times. Marsh summarizes what it takes and why work/life balance is important. He speaks of why it improves productivity and how it enhances employee satisfaction.

#4: “Got A Meeting? Take a Walk”-Nilofer Merchant

Introducing the concept of the ‘walking meeting‘ to managers accomplishes two things. It keeps them fit and healthy because instead of sitting for half the day, they’re walking. It also promotes creative thinking, which is often best done outdoors.

Individuals looking to be better leaders will find the insight provided in the above TED Talks valuable. The speakers offer concrete proof of what it takes to be strong leaders in a variety of industries. Watching a talk or two can prepare new employees for a greater deal of success in the workplace. It helps them home in on the most sought-after leadership skills while defining their unique leadership style.