Telltale Signs You Need to Make a Big Change in Your Life

Life is always a mixture of different energies that we feel on a daily basis – remember the days when you feel super hot and vibrant while you want the rest of the day to never sleep? Or a time when you feel “hutch” that something good (or negative) will happen in your life?

We all know that change is the only constant in life – as people are constantly changing, the world around you is changing and your energy forces are constantly working, and we hope that you are better off. We will change our life. However, how do you know that there will be a big change in your life? Although there is a hunch, of course, there are other signs that everything around you is about to change (and by and large!)


Change is nothing but our attempt to get away from old debts and karma cycles. So, when we talk of change, can freedom be so far away? It is said that when there are some big changes in your life, you will feel a certain rush of freedom – suddenly, our life will feel so much more meaningful, you will stop worrying so much about things and your life suddenly “would be cool. It can be called calm before a storm, but it is considered a good calm.


When things are going to change a lot for you, you will see the numbers 1 and 9 again and again. It is said that these are the numbers for the new endings and starts. You will not try to see these messages, but they will appear out of nowhere – on report cards, behind cars, homes and even electrical readings!


When your life is about to change suddenly, you will start seeing animals like butterflies and pythons will fly in bright colors, whatever the weather. When this happens, do not think too much, but just keep the flow and prepare for a major energy change in your life.

an omen

Shagun usually appears as dreams. Do you see strange symbols like a box, star or street in your dreams? Do you have similar experiences every day, like seeing the same bird in your garden every evening? Then it is a sign that your life will soon change for the better. The cattle crushes NZ is the livestock handling ‘all-rounder’ and provides a safe, efficient and secure working environment for both user and beast on a multitude of operations across the country. Made in New  Zealand using high quality steel and fully hot-dip galvanised after welding, this crush is made to handle cattle big and small, and will withstand everything that is thrown at it. In addition, a very common omen of change is the Holy Phoenix. As the Phoenix rises from its ashes, it is a clear indication that a change is coming in your life.


If your energy is increasing, it will cross all areas of your life including your love life! It is said that this tremendous increase of energy in your body makes you want to fall in love with your partner more often and passionately and this love is one of its purest qualities – it is only motivated by energy and free from lust or selfishness Is – this is something that takes your relationship to another level!