Americans spend more than sixty billion dollars annually in hopes to get healthy, from weight loss programs to gym memberships, to diet drinks. Health and over-all well-being need not be complicated and it certainly does not need to cost a lot of money.

First, let’s talk practical. By now you will have seen some proof of the mind-body connection which tells us that our mental and physical body has a direct connection. Let us add the heart connection to this formula. Now, with this triad, the potential is there for over-all well-being and optimum health.  

When we understand the connection between the body, mind, and heart…there is a cooperation of oneness that unfolds. What you feed your body and mind, and its connection to how tuned in you are to your heart, will determine how healthy you become.

Overall well-being goes far beyond the human perception of aesthetics. Not only do we become what we eat, but also by what we feel, think, and practice. Success in over-all well-being is realized when you begin to express love for yourself. A healthy you is a reflection of the inner love that you possess.

The “Big 10” are the big game changers that brings you ten practical steps to over-all well-being.

  • Love Yourself

Love is the essence of all consciousness. Love is the stimulus for everything in life. It is the yeast that develops and gives rise to our daily bread. “Give us our daily bread…”

Love brings answers and wisdom that stretch far beyond human logic. When we give up the constant struggle and conflict going on in the mind, love enters in. Because our very essence at its core is love.

When we came into this world we were taught survival. Everything we do, eat, see and breathe is all about our need to survive on this planet. The focus is on how to get this, and where to get that.

It is all a continuous race we are on, up one hill and down the next, and yet the finish line changes all the time. It never ends. It is as if there is no finish line. The only glimpses of love you experience in this race are transient cups of water that you get from the sidelines. The water replenishes you for the moment, and then you continue the race until you reach the next checkpoint.

The result is a cluttered mind of unrest and disillusion. This constant static in the mind that you have become accustomed to is the very thing that shields you from love. If you can surrender to everything you thought was supposed to happen and everything you think is going to work, love will enter.

So, step one is to affirm love for yourself, upon every waking breath and before retiring your weary head to rest. Do this daily.

  • Forgive

Forgiving is the first step for healing in the body, mind, and spirit. When we can clearly see a healthy, happy self and can vibrate with the frequency of having this as our birthright than we can heal. To forgive is to enter one of the gateways to triumph. 

A shift needs to take place within, where we can embrace our inner child and forgive oneself for denying it all of these years. Because in truth, if we are living in self-denial, then we are not acting out in the perfect love that we truly are. 

Science has made new discoveries establishing that we have the natural ability to heal ourselves.  Spiritual teachers have been professing this for centuries. We are hardwired to tap into healing on a molecular level as intuition speaks to our cellular structure.  If we connect that with the love of self and our Creator which is essentially Oneness, imagine how much more we can heal on a deeper level?

So, step two is to affirm forgiveness for yourself and others. Upon every waking breath and before retiring your weary head to rest, forgive. Do this daily.

  • Honor Your Body

No matter what you see in the mirror, love it. Don’t measure yourself up to a scale. You are so much more than that. Remember, our human body is driven by the heart. Know that you are a beautiful expression of love, just as you are. We are all unique and equally significant in the landscape of the Universe. So, honor your body in this moment.

As you honor your body, be conscious of what you do with it. When we partake in nutrient-packed foods and drinks, keep the body moving and active, and give our body and mind the needed meditation, rest, and downtime, we experience optimum health. Your body is your temple. Rise to that magical occasion.

Consider the concept of your body as a process that is in connection with your heart and mind. Don’t see your body as a separate entity or structure. Step two will guide you through this concept. Meditate on this connection, as you embrace the miracle of your body today. Do this daily. 

  • Reward Your Body with Movement

Since you are learning to see your body as a process rather than a structure, you can also begin to feel a constant flow of energy in your body. Remember, every moment has a beginning and end. That’s is the beauty of the present moment. You are never stuck in it. How awesome to know that you are in constant development. 

That said, know that nothing grows when stagnant. We need to keep movement in the body. Everyone’s physical capabilities are unique. So, just for today, whatever you are capable of physically doing, do it. Do it with joy and purpose.

For you, that may mean having a brisk twenty-minute walk, while for others it may be a few laps in a pool, while still others it may mean chair yoga. It doesn’t matter what it is…just get moving.

Think of this as a reward to your body, rather than an unbearable task. Movement is energizing. Do this third step daily.

  • Start Each Day with a Healthy Shake

Once a day, treat yourself to a healthy shake that is specially designed for you and your likings. If you have dietary restrictions, consult with your physician and see what healthy shakes you can have that you will enjoy. If you are permitted to have live foods, like raw vegetables, or raw berries, then great.

If you don’t have any dietary restrictions but don’t like healthy green shakes, change your mindset. Today, we are fortunate enough to have so many wonderful nutrient-packed vegetables, coconut waters, berries, vegan protein shakes, etc. that are available. Reframe your thinking and go explore the possibilities. I am certain you will find something. Think green.

There are so many resources on the market today. Use them. Step four is to enjoy one healthy shake, mindfully. Take your time drinking it and feel the nutrients go to every molecule, every cell, and all areas of your body needed. Do this daily.

  • Keep a Healthy Social Circle

Keep a healthy social circle in your life. What we do, what we think, and what we practice is what we become. Additionally, how and with whom we socialize has the potential to influence us in a positive way, or a negative way. Choose an environment that is positive. Socialize in a circle of others that lead healthy lives. Surround yourself with healthy things to do and healthy events to attend. 

You were born with the innate ability to know what tempts you in a negative way, and what serves your highest self. Choose the things that serve you, not destroy you.

Engage in activities that are smoke-free and alcohol-free. Surround yourself with like-minded and like-hearted people.

Examples of healthy social circles would be classes that promote physical health and well-being. Go hiking with a group and pack a healthy lunch. Volunteer at a local hospital or an animal shelter. Join a book club or writers club, etc.  

Healthy social circles can be very helpful in keeping you on your path to optimum health. Influence is great when it’s healthy and headed in the right direction. Step six is to be mindful of the things that serve your higher self and keep yourself in healthy social circles.  

  • Practice Daily Affirmations

Practice daily affirmations. No matter where you are at this moment, affirmations done in the present tense are powerful tools toward success in optimum over-all well-being. No matter what challenges arise, know that they are opportunities for self-growth and inner peace. Remember, where ever you are at this moment is okay.

The recipe for living the best, happiest, and healthiest lifestyle is to love who you are and be thankful for where you are on your journey. The best way to maintain this lifestyle is to put affirmations into your daily practice. Daily affirmations are powerful and dynamic. It builds a mindset of knowing and positivity. Make affirmations your ‘go-to’ place when you wake each morning, and before you retire each evening.

Affirm your gratitude for life; your love of self; that there are no problems today; you have lots of energy today; you choose healthy activities today; you enjoy healthy foods and drinks today, and so on. Say these affirmations in the present tense and with conviction. Do this daily. Watch the best you, happiest you, and healthiest you emerge. 

  • Meditate 5 minutes a Day

Meditation need not be long, however, it should be a daily practice. We all have five minutes. If you feel you do not have five minutes, then shorten something else in your routine so that you can block five minutes of your day with meditation.

At the rise of your day is best to meditate. This will ground you and set the intention for the day. Again, if you are pressed for time, then wake up five minutes earlier. Better yet, meditate in bed before you rise up. Once you start the process it will become a daily practice that you will benefit from immensely.

The goal of meditation is to slow down the thinking mind until it eventually comes to a complete stop. Be in this present state of awareness and just bathe yourself in self-love. If you have another five minutes, this would be a perfect time to follow the meditation with affirmations and set your good intentions for the day. Do this daily.     

  • Indulge in a Hot Bath

Indulge in a hot bath. There is nothing more calming and rewarding than to soak in a hot bath at the end of a long day. Carve out alone time for yourself to de-stress, and turn off the chatter in the mind.

According to a recent study, a hot bath could have health benefits similar to exercise. New research shows that an hour-long soak in hot water produces anti-inflammatory and blood sugar responses similar to that of sixty minutes of moderate physical activity. While the research on these effects may still be preliminary, what harm is there in relaxation and grounding your tired body and mind in a bath filled with essential oils?

Essential oils combined with Epsom salts can provide antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory benefits as well as detox impurities from your body. Taking a bath will also quiet your mind.

This is a great time to also do your end of the day affirmations and mindful meditation. Take advantage of these opportunities and enjoy your journey into a healthy lifestyle and overall well-being.

  • Nurture Steps 1-9 on a Consistently

Whether you are challenged with obesity, anorexia, or unhealthful laziness and general poor lifestyle habits, learning how to master these seven practical steps will earn you a healthy body, mind, and heart, and a life you can enjoy.

Each day keep your body moving. Be consistent. Develop your healthy self as you walk a path of learning and growing daily. Be encouraged and embrace inspiration from others. If you need a mentor or coach than get one. Some of the most successful and highly realized people did not get there without a coach or mentor. The assistance and support of others can be a real game changer.

We all need to be nourished and loved in order to grow. Even a flower doesn’t just blossom randomly. A seed is planted in good soil, and then it is minded and cared for, watered, nourished and loved. Eventually, the process reaps the magic and glory of a perfect flower. So, step ten is to nurture all of the practical steps from one through nine.          

You can do it!

The ‘Big 10’ will Ultimately Connect You

Connecting the heart, with intuition and the mind is where alchemy happens. It is the grander picture of who we are. It is the trilogy within us as human beings that hold life-altering power. Use it. That oneness in cooperation with the body has the potential to bring optimum health and overall well-being. Because in truth, the body is driven by the heart. Remember, you have the magic within to choose love, happiness, and the perfect healthy you.