As the initiated will likely attest, there are a variety of traits that make a leader successful, including the know-how to manage and solve potentially complex problems. Fortunately, there are management blogs that can assist with the attainment of these skills.

Here are 10 highly-rated leadership blogs:

  1. Great Leadership by Dan McCarthy

Mr. McCarthy brings his experience to the page as he imparts his leadership wisdom gleaned from decades at significant organizations such as Eastman Kodak and Paychex. His proven experience imparts much that can be practiced by other leaders.

  1. Leadership Insights by Skip Prichard

Mr. Prichard’s blog is often updated, lending it thoughtful and in-depth articles on how executives can hone their skills and improve themselves by concentrating on servant leadership, self-awareness, and authenticity. This CEO is also a keynote speaker, and he runs a podcast.

  1. How to Be a Confident Leader by Brian Tracy

The CEO of a concern specializing in professional development and training, Mr. Tracy has worked with many executives on leadership strategies. His blog offers insightful and well-written articles containing practical advice for business leaders to gain confidence, take risks, and lead during uncertain economic and social periods.

  1. The Leader’s Digest by Suzy McAlpine

A leadership expert, the New Zealander Suzi McAlpine, conducts in-house workshops for organizations. These workshops offer organizations one-on-one senior executive coaching in various sessions. She also has an award-winning blog on such topics as giving feedback, personal development, and the development of high-potential employees into leaders of the future.

  1. Tanveer Naseer Leadership

Named one of Inc. Magazine’s 100 best leadership speakers and management experts, Tanveer Naseer shares his knowledge and experience in a regularly updated blog. He is the CEO of Tanveer Naseer Leadership, a corporate consulting and leadership training firm. Naseer also has written a book entitled Leadership Vertigo, and he is a popular speaker, recognized as one of the “100 Great Leadership Speakers.”

  1. Our Vantage Point by Vantage Leadership

This blog provides practical advice on organizational coaching and talent management to companies worldwide, adding tips for HR executives. The blog also offers advice on team effectiveness, change leadership and drawing in talent and cultivating it.