Family Photo 2015

This Father’s Day, I am looking back at all of my memories with my Dad.  When I wrote many of the memories below, not too many days had passed since his heart attack in 2014, about 2-years before he passed. I always wonder whether I told him that I love him enough, or if I visited and snuggled in for a hug enough.  I remember when I was little, I would sneak downstairs and he would let me snuggle on the couch late at night while watching M*A*S*H. I remember all of the amazing (organized and detailed) family vacations we had the opportunity to share, and I remember spending hours baking Great Grandma’s Sour Cream Cookies for the holidays.  I cannot imagine my life without my father as a part of it. These memories and lessons are in loving memory of my amazing Dad on this Father’s Day.

Family Time Lake Saint Mary’s

·  When the going gets tough, make sure you’re still having fun.

·  Rolling down the stairs in your walker builds character…

·  Your life amounts to the quality of your relationships, not the quantity in your bank account.

·  “We’ll see” always means “NO.”

·  Family is always there for family.

Family Over Everything

·  Love is the one thing in this world worth giving a damn about.

·  When there’s nothing you can do, you just have to buckle down and brave the storm until it passes.

·  Because all storms eventually pass.

·  Make your own rules for life.

·  Also, older people and technology are the funniest pairing. But that becomes moot when I am around for technical support…

·  Don’t let others see your weaknesses, and always show confidence in yourself.

·  Convincing your sister that she can use two beds and a jump rope as a tightrope is unwise,

·  It is also punishable by sitting in front of the fireplace watching ones jump rope burn…

·  I just was not meant for mathematics!

·  There’s nothing more relaxing than a weekend girl scout trip filled with swimming, campfires, and music.

·  Life is much more than the world we see, and that is something we often forget.

·  If a guy won’t play tea party with his daughters, then he’s not worth marrying.

·  Always be nice, but don’t let anyone take advantage of you.

·  The best stories are always the ones that hurt the most, get you into the most trouble, or are with the people you love the most.

·  If you live on a giant hill, secure your sleds to the clothesline, you won’t have to drag it back uphill all day long…

·  Parents obviously did not pay attention to what their children were really doing in the ’80s.

·  Age is not something material or physical. Age is a choice, and you should always choose to live with a youthful spirit.

· You are not always handed everything you want in life, but hard work will pay off in ways you have yet to imagine.

·  Never ask a girl if she’s okay, especially if she doesn’t look okay.

·  Mom is always right–even when she is undeniably wrong… except when she tries to convince you that Hawaii is next to Florida.

·  But most of the time, she’s right anyway.

·  No boy will ever love me more than you.

Just a Dad and His Princess

·  It’s okay to be a “tough girl,” but always be mild-mannered.

·  Respect your family, fear your God, and finish your supper.

·  Loss is a part of life that is hard to deal with. There’s no way around it, but that’s no reason to stop living for the moment.

·  An education is worth the cost, no matter how great.

·  I’m not good at lawn care, but I get the job done…

·  And that’s okay, because you’ll always be outside,  watching, waiting there to stop me, and tell me how to do it correctly…

·  Ice cream works wonders, especially after blood draws and shots…

·  I can always get away with shouting out the wrong answers during Jeopardy on purpose, and you don’t get mad at me.

·  Because I know that, I know I need a husband who will be able to handle the same torture I put you through and still be sane afterward.

·  You’ll always be my #1 fan.

Flying with Dad for my 2nd Birthday

·  It’s okay to be goofy. You don’t have to take everything so seriously.

·  Lastly, there is something special between a father and his little girl that can never be replaced, replicated, or removed. I love you father, and I always will.


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