Whilst I was on a shift with a client the other day I was walking across the car park heading into a cafe. All of a sudden in front of me a baby bird fell to the ground. I heard the horrible sound of the ‘splat’. I wasn’t sure where this came from and what it meant as I see everything has a meaning. When I looked up there were no trees, no nests nothing but blue sky above me. Where did this bird come from? I couldn’t understand that this had a meaning so intense from the universe for me. I picked up the baby and the first thought I had was I had to try to revive it. I couldn’t no matter how I tried or wanted to try. It was dead. What did this mean? I am someone who believes that if you look for the meaning and everything that happens, you will find it. This baby bird was dropped from the sky probably from a bird which had this innocent being in its mouth. Obviously it was meant to drop straight in front of me. When I got home I thought about what I did, what I thought and I put meaning to this but my guide told me what it meant. I was being told not to be carried by anybody as I would be dropped at any time. I was also been told to have empathy for something for everything no matter how big or small that is bought into my life. When I saw that on the ground and I picked it up in a napkin I placed it amongst the garden and I knew the ants and the insects would eat it and I had to accept that this was the food chain and  and this baby bird, it‘s life extinct obviously wasn’t meant to be. The metaphor that I arrived at was that no one can put life back into something that is already extinct. I try hard every day  to put life back into things and people that are extinct. This is who I am, this is who I have become as a result of all I have experienced in my life.  Sometimes I try a little too hard and other times not enough. But this baby bird when it fell in front of me was already gone. The message I received clear as a bell was this. In life we have to allow some things to not be fixed by us. We have to allow some things and some people including our children to fix themselves. We can be there to support them but we cannot love them too much. By loving them the way they need to be loved and always being there and always doing everything for them is not loving them it is enabling them making them rely on you and not on themselves. Only now can I see that baby bird may have been dropped by its mother. Trying to get it to where it needs to be but on the way accidentally dropping It to its death. I must now learn to allow my children to grow. They are now who they need to be thanks to me being there, they have now learnt how to be there for their own children. Now is the time to let them spread their wings and I just hope that they won’t fall to their death but if they do it’ll be because they haven’t learnt what I’ve taught them. I have faith that they have that everythung they need in life to be the butterflies they were born to be from the egg stage to the caterpillar, to the chrysalis and then emerging as the beautiful butterflies that I myself have learnt to become. I love my children unconditionally I love my children as much as any mother should love their children. In helping them become who they are born to be they have helped me become who I was born to be. The mother I‘ve become was a result of not having the mother I needed. But the mother I had was the one I needed to become the mother I am today. I love my mother for who she is. Mum! Thank you for all you didn’t give to me and for all you took away because if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have the heart I have. I wouldn’t give all I give. I wouldn’t know the things I know! I wouldn’t be the mother I am today.

For that I am grateful … Thank you! 

Poem to my mum 


  • AlairrialA

    Meditation Teacher, Holistic Counsellor, Reiki Practitioner, Spiritual Guidance Advocate.

    Who I am... Hi my name is Rebecca Jane Henley. Also known as Bec. My pen name is that of the same name as my Guardian Angel Alair... with Alair in reverse... that then being AlairrialA... I was born 27/05/1968. In 2018... I am now 50 yrs young, a mother of 6, my daughter Crystal 33, my son Jamie 31, my daughter Samantha 27, my daughter Katie 25, my son Brett, who was born and passed at birth, has spent the last 22 years in heaven and my youngest son Dylan 21. I am also a step mum to 1 lovely young man, Anthony 11. I’m a mother in law to one young lady, Nanna of many Grandies, I’m sure they’re not finished yet, and Great Nanna, to 2 beautiful little children, and I'm sure there will be many more too. I live in Northam Perth, Western Australia. I was Born in Adelaide, South Australia.