It has been 5 years on the journey of being an entrepreneur. When I first started my company, i love asia tour to empower women in tourism at the age of 21st, I never thought I would be who I am today . It has changed me so much especially my bravery & positivity!

I was someone who love the community & like helping people. I always wanted to help many people I can. I thought creating a business which I can earn money to help people bcz I never like thinking about money.

How I have changed?

When my business was a small one which is based in Hue city , Vietnam , it was a very happy business with Hue Tours. I remember I had a wonderful team in the beginning who are passionate about the mission for women & community like I do. Never enough to say thank you to them to be with me in the beginning.

I am always a passionate girl about the community & women’s issues. I want to do more everyday. I used to do charity a lot when I just started the company . I felt my heart full of happiness when I can help people in need.

Later, when the company grow & I have so many employees around. The responsibility become heavier. I thought differently about business & I had to think a way earn money for my employee’s life.

5 years ago , I cried a lot when I met challenges! Oh god, I remember my PA – Kasia always say ” Please stop crying, it hurt me ” – Now, I don’t cry instead of being strong to look up solutions & options quickly to move forward. I realize how strong I have became!

Many more challenges will come more along the way. Sometimes, it has been a lot for a 26 years old girl. However, I believe in a mission empowering the success for women and community through tourism. I will keep doing my best! I am happy to look back for who I have became! THANK YOU!

Business is business. Business has to earn money to take care employee’s life & invest in other projects. Charity is a personal choice.


  • Lotus

    CEO/ Founder at I Love Asia Tour

    I Love Asia Tour

    I just do what I love to do so I can wake up every morning with a powerful stage". Currently, I am the CEO & Founder of I Love Asia Tour which is a scooter tour company lead by local female students in Laos & Vietnam. This is the most inspiring company which I am so proud to be able to help many people in this world through tourism. Soon, we will be in Cambodia and Myanmar by 2019. * I Love Asia Tour visions are: - Empowering Local Female Students in Southeast Asia Through Tourism - Connecting Asia together for sustainable tourism development - Building UN Goals for Asia Tourism - Empowering local businesses through tour operations - Contributing and working with non-profits and NGOs in Asia