In today’s world, it can be very easy to say “poor me” and sit idly in a less than spectacular life, however that is not exactly best case scenerio. Instead of adopting this mentality and giving yourself permission to hate your life, perhaps it can be beneficial to completely change your perspective. In efforts to promote a life that you love, here is a 10-part guide on how to take back control and most importantly – love what you do and do what you love. 

1. Wake up each morning thankful for what you already have.

Albeit, this sounds easy! But not always is. 

For example, say that there is a person driving their really nice sports car to work and they’re sitting in traffic. They glance up and see a really lavish jet in the sky, and they think to themselves – if only I had a jet, I wouldn’t be sitting in traffic. 

Unbeknownst to them, behind them sits an individual driving their mediocre car to work staring at the car in front of them, thinking to themselves – man, if only I had a nicer car. 

To the right of this mediocre car is an individual driving a beater car, wondering how good life would be if they had a reliable car that didn’t break down on them. 

The person around the corner at the bus stop is staring at the beater car thinking to themselves – how convenient would it be to actually have a car.  And the person staring out their window to this world is thinking to themselves – if only I could walk, I would walk everywhere. 

From any perspective and in every situation, there is never a bad time to think positively and be thankful for what you have in front of you. Regardless of what you’re facing, there are always going to be other people in the world who have better or worse situations than you and it is important to take into consideration the many ways you have been fortunate in your life. Overall, be happy for those who have better, be generous to those who don’t have it as good as you, and always be appreciative! 

2. Material possessions won’t make you happy, but good relationships will! Science say so!

With the influence of the internet and social media playing large roles in our everyday lives, it can be very easy to go down the rabbit hole of wanting mass amounts of material things. However, it is very important to note that money and possessions don’t inherently make you a happier person, but good company does! Good company and quality relationships can definitely lift your mood, make your days better, and allow you to feel confident in your life. With that being said, invest in the people around you instead of fancy things and fancy cars. 

It is also important to understand that everyone is in a different situation in their lives and you should treat everyone equally and with respect. When you treat people kindly you can cultivate bonds and relationships, which can possibly help you someway some how in the future – you just never know! Invest in others while you can and have the opportunity to do so because one day you jut might need the kind of help that they can supply. 

3. Smile more! 

Although it may sound silly, smiling is good for the mind and soul! What does it feel like when a friendly stranger smiles at you? You get warm and fuzzy inside and it could totally make your day brighter. Smiling is also just more fun than frowning.

Sure, you may not be having the best day and there may not be anything to smile about, but it is important to be mindful of the fact that you’re not the only person in the room and you’re not the only person impacted by your attitude. The people who surround you may benefit from your friendly smile and in turn, feel more positive in their circumstance. 

Like your attitude, the mood you give off is a dead give away for how you’re feeling and can impact an entire room. Moods are a chan reaction, and one bad mood can trigger those same feelings in others, which just simply isn’t ideal. Be mindful and cognizant of your behavior and change it when need be, as this will not only benefit you, but others as well. 

All in all, in every situation – regardless of company, i.e. friends, family, co-workers – be the starter of happiness and kindness. 

4. Make time for family and close friends, and you will be rewarded with good friends and close family who have your back. 

Life can get busy, but it is still important to make time for the people who you love. Every relationship is a two-way street. You can not expect a good relationship if only one person is putting in the effort, so make it a point to cultivate positive, loving relationships with those who love and respect you. 

Fostering positive relationships with your loved ones will help you to achieve your goals and feel supported throughout your life. We have the power to foster positivity within our lives and the lives around us, so why push sadness and sullenness? Speak positively and act positively, and spread positivity to others whenever you can!

Sometimes it may feel as though it is more easy or convenient to be negative, or maybe you feel like you can get a bigger reaction out of someone if you’re being negative, but that isn’t something to live by. It almost never ends well and it can trigger you or someone else into feeling insecure about an aspect of their lives. So make it a point to not go there, be thankful for what you have and where you’re at in life, and don’t let just anything bother you. 

5. Treat everyone with respect.

We touched upon this a bit earlier but your #1 rule should be to treat others kindly. You are a complex person with feelings and emotions and it is important to remember the same about others. Treat people how you would like to be treated and act intentionally with other people. 

By leading with kindness, you pave your own way to happiness, and overall happiness leads to loving what you do and doing what you love!

6. Be generous with your time and what you have. 

Through the ups and downs of life it can become increasingly easy to take what you have for granted. When you have the time to reflect remember that what you have is a blessing and remember that not everyone has the opportunities or resources to get to where you are. Be mindful of others around you and when you have the chance to give, give to those who are in need. It’s good for the soul.

Psychology even proves that someone who does good for others usually lives longer and is happier with their life. By being kind and generous, they feel more fulfilled which eases the brain and body and encourages a longer, more enriching life. 

Furthermore, kindness at it’s core makes you happier, and that happiness makes you kinder. It’s a beautiful cycle that starts and ends with kindness, so put forth that energy into the world – it could use it! 

7. Be mindful of other’s time, and people will be mindful of yours.

Let’s face it – no one enjoys having their time wasted. Time is a precious resource, and if someone is trusting you with their time, respect it. Don’t be selfish and take up people’s time if you don’t care for them or are negatively impacting their life. It’s not fair to them and by proxy, you are wasting your own time which isn’t fair to you either.

It is also important to note to not let people rob you of your time. Be stern when someone is taking up more time than you’re willing to give, as this will allow you to be a happier person. 

8. Forgive, forgive, and forgive again.

As difficult as this can be, no matter what people do to you – forgive, forgive, forgive. It is not worth your time to be spiteful and angry. 

At the end of the day, we are all humans who do and say distasteful things that may rub others the wrong way. It is our humility and ability to connect with other humans that makes us so spectacular. Forgive, forgive forgive, or else you can not heal and move on. 

Pour your time and energy into people who care about you and are treating you with kindness and don’t dilly dally on lost causes. Readjust, move on, and partake in more productive things. 

9. Work hard, it’s worth it.

Do everything you do wholeheartedly. When this happens, you will start to see your impact on the world. 

Change truly happens on a micro level through personal interactions and interpersonal connection. Change starts with you. Consequently, if you work hard at whatever it is that gets you up in the morning – others will care too and the world will begin to change. 

Key advice is to not waste your time doing things that you don’t like doing, as this life is way too short for that. Actively seek to find a passion, and once you find what you are passionate about – become the best you can possibly be at it. This is how you grow a brand. 

10. Love what you do, and do what you love.

If you love what you do and do everything to the best of your ability, you will in fact be doing what you love. 

Or the other way around, doesn’t matter. You don’t have to have the world’s dreamiest job, or have the nicest car to be successful. Consider success not as monetary value, but rather consider success as becoming the most happy you can be. From where I stand, I consider people who are happy to be the most enriched and successful. 

My dream is not to have a dream job, but rather to love what I do. My job isn’t the dreamiest, but I do what I love because I love what I do. I value my time, I take opportunities, and I learned to say no. 

In close, loving what you do and doing what you love is a state of mind. Your day-to-day attitudes, general perspective, and behavior all play vital roles in your outlook on life and it is important to lead life with positivity and kindness, as these help to cultivate a successful, enriching, and happy life.