Personal power  is about having the power to live out your best life – performing well in aspects of your choice and maintaining a powerful sense of well-being.  It’s about living out your days with authenticity and integrity to your purpose.

Personal power stems from a solid belief in oneself and the assimilation of the beliefs and habits of peak performers. We are all the subject of our genes (blueprint) and the environments and events experienced over our lifetime. If you’re looking to maximize your personal power, effectiveness and well-being then you need to examine your inner and outer environments, then tweak or update your set of beliefs and habits to become the best version of you.

What is Personal Power?

With reference to Exhibit 1 below, “personal power” is centered on “presence.” In “presence” one is calm, relaxed, alert and one with life – grounded and in harmony with one’s surroundings. One’s mind is focused, and attention is concentrated appropriately on the right life perspectives, purposes, principles and practices.

Exhibit 1: Elements of Personal Power

On this basis – “presence,” (informed and supported by one’s unique perspectives, purposes, principles and practices) – one can then channel personal power into the right people, pursuits and places – supported by one’s unique personal brand or “positioning” and demeanor of “poise.”

Let’s now briefly review each element shown in Exhibit 1.

 1. Perspectives concern both how we see things – our interpretations and evaluations – and the things that we pay attention too, because if we see our world or experiences in a particular way we will direct our attention (think, feel, act or choose) accordingly.

2. Purposes concern our mission and vision with a clear relationship between longer term mission and vision and short term goals and daily tasks.

3. Principles (and values) concern our modus operandi in the world with particular emphasis on integrity and wholeness. We need to live in congruence with our principles.

4. Practices concern applying knowledge, and adopting behaviors and habits that will enrich our lives and bring us the success and fulfillment that we desire.

5. Presence. In presence we have the latent power to act in each here and now moment in alignment with our perspectives, purposes, principles and practices.

6. Positioning. In the exercise or execution of personal power we have a personal brand and style which we call positioning. In marketing, the term “positioning” is often used to differentiate positions or products from competitors in the market place.  We can see our personal positioning as our unique value and contextual fit that enables us to thrive in our environment.

7. Poise. Our personal power is also supported by poise, an alignment of body and mind to provide a cool, calm confidence, in a relaxed body – a certain grace, ease, peacefulness, and elegance in demeanor.

8. Personal Power. While personal power stems from presence, positioning and poise, we also know that we didn’t create ourselves. We are part of the cosmos, so we consider that our power is intimately connected to it.

9. People. Essential for work, rest and play: collaboration, cooperation and synergy for business and social activities.

10. Pursuits. These are our choices. We pursue our choices based on our beliefs, habits and environments informed by the various components in Exhibit 1.

11. Places. It’s recognized that places or external environments have a major impact both on our growth and enjoyment of everything that life has to offer.

If you want to live an outstanding life of freedom, love, adventure, meaning and fulfillment, it will help to increase your personal power… by mastering the 11 P’s of Personal Power referred to above.

Extract from Peak Performance!! PERSONAL POWER


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