The 2-dollar bill is one of America’s most underused and undervalued money. In fact, it is so small that most people actually don’t recognise it talk more of using it. The 2-dollar bill is the smallest money but yet ranks as one of the highest money in circulation, however, most people never find it talk less of spending it.
Does this two dollar bill remind you of something? Perhaps not. However, the two dollar bill reminds me of a little token called LOVE. Love is a common four letter word present in all languages that is in circulation, however, it is so small that people hardly recognise it for what it is.
The Bible talks about the attributes of love in 1st Cor 13, however, we seem to have given it our own little definition. I’m still a scholar in the school of love. Unfortunately I may not be able to exactly tell you what love is because I’m still learning the depths of it myself and finding it’s truest meaning.
But here is one thing I can do. I can tell you what love is not. Love is not selfish. It doesn’t wait for you to be able to give in return before it can be given. Love is not arrogant. It doesn’t care about your social status or the amount of money in your pocket.
Love doesn’t delight in hurting others. Love doesn’t capitalize on other’s weakness or exploit them at their lowest level. Love doesn’t care what the world thinks, it keeps on doing good anyway.
Love doesn’t give up no matter how tough the circumstances are or no matter how rocky the road seems. Love understands that there is light at the end of the tunnel so it doesn’t mind going through the narrow tip of the funnel in order to get that light.
Love is not boastful. It doesn’t lift itself above all others. Love sometimes causes pain, however, it is the stretchy good kind of pain. You probably are a little confused about this. Well, it is normal for we humans to love our comfort zone, however, love stretches you out of that zone and takes you into deeper levels of life
At first, it may feel uncomfortable to you but with time, you would be glad it helped you expand your capacity. Love is not in a hurry. It is not the passing feeling in your stomach that makes you feel all good. Instead, it has a special portion in your heart where no matter what, it always stay.
Love is never evil as it seeks to bless and enrich everyone it comes in contact with just like the 2-dollar bill. Here is what I’m driving at. Just like that neglected 2-dollar bill, love is plenty in circulation, however, only few of them recognise it for what it truly is.
You might think that 2-dollar bill is small but when you gather it and start spreading it by spending it, you have much more than you can imagine,likewise with love. Love isn’t meant to be hoarded. Instead, it is meant to be acquired first for yourself to enrich and shower yourself with as much love as you can and thereafter you can spread to other people and by so doing, spread so much love to your community and the world at large.
The 2-dollar bill and love are the two most common underused currencies in the world. They are not meant to be hoarded, they are meant to be shared and spread for others to benefit from. Just like Mother Theresa said “Spread Love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier than they come”.
Love cares, love flows, love builds, love helps, love encourages. Love cuts across all races, tribes, cultures, religions, countries, continents. Love transcends even the universe and we wouldn’t even exist if there was no love in the first place. Let love lead you and you will be sure to have spent the best currency you could ever have spent in your lifetime.


  • Debby Akinola


    Thrive global, Healthtian

    Debby Turner is a writer Who writes on self development, motivation and also on health matters. I'm also a public speaker and a poet also who loves reading as a hobby.