Listen, friend. Life is not meant to feel draining, praying for the weekend or next vacation to come. What about all those little moments of opportunity in between?

Today I’d love to share with you my 3 best techniques to feel better fast. Are you curious? Here we go. (Spoiler alert: They are all tool-free, no wifi required.)

#1 Ask: What would my Best Self do?

This simple question is a powerful element of the EQ System where you learn how to ask better questions, get into a resourceful state. And there is this natural power all around us that is accessible whenever you choose to and the power becomes embodied by your Best Self. So you have to become aware of how you can step into your Best Self energy in any given moment. This is literally the fast track to your desires and out of your current draining loop. Wanna learn more about this? Check out my free quiz!

#2 The Surrender Prayer

The practice that I’m sharing with you in this podcast episode will help you remember your true nature. Upon remembering you’ll just gonna want more of it, you gonna want more love. More joy. More of that warmth and connection. And to access that love, you are called to give up fear. The fear of being who you’re truly meant to be. The fear of failing. The fear of succeeding and standing out from the crowd. The fear of going after your big desires knowing you might be disappointed but doing it anyway.

And my favorite technique to feel better fast is …

#3 Tapping aka Emotional Freedom Technique

Whenever you feel trapped by old patterns, held back (by yourself/others), stuck in the same situations/relationships, and feel easily triggered by certain people who seem to know exactly how to push your buttons, then tapping is for you.
You are completely conscious, awake, you don’t need a shrink or fancy tech. Just you, your hand, your meridian points, and all the truth about your fear/doubt/resistance ready to be released. It’s real magic, I’m telling you. Besides, it isn’t. It’s essentially acupressure that you do to yourself on specific points in your face and upper body while giving voice to whatever is bugging you. I’m doing weekly live 
tapping on my Instagram channel so I invite you to check it out there.

Go beyond your daily stress fog and reclaim your inner drive, 
You’ve got this.

Much Love + Gratitude,