In the fast paced world we live in, it seems like every week there are hundreds of new online coaches – particularly in the fitness industry. With the varying degrees of quality and experience that come with this, there is always an elite group of individuals at the top of the game. More specifically, this group of fitness business coaches have been able to guide the inexperienced online trainers and gym owners, with great success. With years of experience in the online training world and having helped thousands of people collectively, there are none more qualified to speak on success. Each with a unique area of expertise and knowledge, here we present the Top 3 fitness business coaches, as they share their top tips for success.

Sean Garner (@seangarner)

Having been named as one of the top trainers in the world by Men’s Health magazine, Sean Garner is an industry leader who has impacted the lives of many. Sean has unique experiences unmatched by many, having owned 3 fitness gyms, grown a 6-figure personal training business, and has managed a multi-million training facility in Miami. Sean is the founder of EntreFit, where he is dedicated to guiding fitpro’s and gym owners to create and scale their online businesses. Sean’s large and loyal following are testament to both the success and impact Sean has made, and here his top tips for success:

1. Understand that it’s NOT about you, it’s about your clients. 

Truly seek to SERVE your clients and not just give them workouts.  When you truly put them first and become obsessed with how you can better serve them, that is when you will be able to change their lives forever.

2. Realize that you should be so much more than sets and reps. 

Now more than ever people want and need connecting.  They need you to be a coach and not just give them workouts.  They can get workout programs for free anywhere?  what makes you special?  Your ability to coach them, meet them where they are at, at change their life!

Brian Mark (@bmarkfit)

A true leader and motivator, Brian Mark is known as the ‘Online Trainer’s Trainer’, delivering results that are second to none. Having previously had a wildly successful career as an online trainer himself, Brian found a way to create a greater impact on the world, through coaching online fitness coaches how to change lives and make money. Brian has helped over 70 coaches reach the $10k per month mark, with a number of other students reaching monthly income’s over $50k. Brian is driven by the impact he creates on the world, and his results are testament to his passion for helping others. Here are Brian Mark’s top tips for success:

1.Stop comparing yourself to others

Your Chapter one looks the exact same as Gary Vee. But when you compare his chapter 30 to your chapter one, it will ruin your motivation to focus on your own journey.

2. Show up For Yourself

When you’re an employee, someone else will tell you what to do. When you’re your own boss, YOU have to show up for yourself and your own business. No one else will do it for you.

Tim Lyons (@timlyonsjr)

Tim Lyons Jr. has owned and operated his own profitable training studio for over a decade, and has now successfully built and scaled multiple 7-figure businesses. Tim has worked with gym owners across the world, helping them transition from being a slave in their business, to being true business owners. Tim’s goal with his coaching is to build systems and structures, freeing up time and energy to spend doing the things they love. Tim is also the Author of the Amazon best-selling book “Built to Grow” and a co-host on the ‘Built To Grow’ Podcast with a staggering 140 episodes and growing. Tim has impacted hundreds of lives through his teachings and here he shares his top tips for success:

1.Know your numbers

Educated decisions in your business need to happen around data. If you don’t know what your numbers like: Base Operating Expense, Cost Per Acquisition, and Customer Life Time Value are, then, you won’t be able to know what needs adjustments, what expenses to cut out or even if you should spend more on marketing. It’s like you are steering the ship with a blindfold on. Take some time to go through your budgets, marketing campaign costs, and your P&L statements and flush out the data you need to have a better view of what your business looks like. Then make decisions based on that data.

2. Hire Help

Nobody is good at everything. And even if you are good at something, should YOU be the one doing it? I always say, do what you do best, and hire out the rest. I say this for a lot of reasons, however it really comes down to the best use of your time. Of course you can be the one that cleans the gym every night, the one that makes the runs to pick up supplies, or the one that is running your own marketing, but the question is: “Should you be spending the time on those tasks?” If your time is spend on those tasks, that means you aren’t spending time driving the business forward. If you are the only one on the team that can do a specific task, then by all means take the reins, but if the task is a “low wage” task, think about training up someone else to do these things, and spend your time working on what will bring in more money, or move the needle further in your business. Pro Tip: When you have a mile-long “To-Do List” sitting in front of you, always prioritize the items that will bring in revenue now, and push the other down the list.

Success is different for everyone, and the insight shared by this elite group of individuals is sure to set you on the right track for success, no matter what stage of your journey you’re in. If you’re looking for direction or guidance on fitness business coaching, look no further than these incredible coaches. All of their instagrams have been linked here.