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Hustle culture has become a mainstream topic. It’s one of the biggest complaints I hear from entrepreneurs. Social media has become prevalent with entrepreneurs trying to make their way to the top. While I honor effort and hardwork immensely, I often see people running into the same paradigm they were trying to leave – overwhelmed, stressed out, and working 24/7.

While I was running my two different businesses, my own private therapy practice and my spiritual coaching business, I often felt the same way, like I was a one-woman show. However, running your own business doesn’t have to be this hyperactive. 

One of my main goals as a coach is to teach entrepreneurs how to move past this paradigm and avoid burnout. Here are the 3 keys to creating immense ease in your business:

  1. Collaboration 

You are not alone! You do not have to do it all, nor are you meant to do it all. Collaboration is essential when it comes to creating and running your business. You have come forward as a beacon of light to share your immense knowledge and talents with people – but that doesn’t mean you have to know everything! 

Collaboration allows pressure to be relieved by working with someone who compliments your knowledge and talents with their own. Plus, it allows your business to expand its reach to an established audience, and provides credibility of your unique talents to your customers. 

  1. Don’t Compare Yourself 

It can be so easy to fall into the trap of comparison when creating a business, especially if your business is online. Watching other people succeed, thinking your niche is oversaturated, or feeling like you don’t have what it takes to run a successful business, are some of the most common, and detrimental, limiting beliefs that entrepreneurs face. 

However, it is critical to move through these beliefs if you want a sustainable business (without burnout). Other people succeeding means you can too! An oversaturated market means there is profit to be made! People are showing us what is possible!

The possibility exists in the universe for a reason, and making conscious and inspired steps toward bringing the same options into our field of consciousness, is what leads to easeful success. Importantly, you are not recreating someone else’s content. You are simply allowing the opportunity in as it presents itself. You then make it your own.

Remember, it is okay to snooze someone’s content for a period of time to relieve yourself from repeating anxiety that distracts you from your core purpose! 

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  1. Sitting in Silence 

The most successful business leaders and entrepreneurs take time to sit in silence. This is absolutely crucial. It can mean meditation, but it can also mean taking time to sit outside, sitting with a book or a journal, and simply relaxing by yourself in silence, noticing what arises. No music, no children, no spouses, no nothing – just by yourself. 

You will be floored by how easily and quickly ideas come through in this space. You need down time and quiet time for creativity to come to the surface. Creativity needs space and opportunity to grow. Allow the creativity to flow through you. Letting your ego and agenda control your decision-making process for your business is incredibly limiting and will only cause burnout (for yourself and your business)!

Allow the flexibility to expand in ways you never thought possible. The most successful entrepreneurs have the most random and “out there” ideas that create the most momentum. Allow yourself to stir the pot a little bit, and create an activating space where people are willing to take a chance on you. This is the ultimate key to success. 

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