Burnout is growing increasingly common in the modern world. This state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion comes about due to prolonged stress and frustration at work, and can lead to a number of deeper issues. Stress itself is known to cause physical medical issues like heart disease, but burnout can cause someone to leave a career they otherwise would have found deeply fulfilling.

There is a common misconception that burnout is only an issue for workers, and that management and higher-level administrators are immune to burnout – but this is not true. The four major causes of burnout are just as prevalent in management, and there are some specific ways that management has to adjust their approach to dealing with it.

Burnout Cause 1: Poor Work/Life Balance

Perhaps the most common cause of burout is the inability to ‘log-off’ and have time away from work. Many workers think that management has the easiest time with this, but fail to see that most managers have wide-reaching responsibilities. Managers often feel the need to be available at all times. – often avoiding even small breaks.

To help fight this, it is important to set aside at  least a few minutes every day that is ‘do not disturb’ time for you – even just a half-hour lunch break that is entirely your time could make all the difference

Burnout Cause 2: Job Dissatisfaction

If you’re feeling like your job is pointless, or not as fulfilling as it once was, you might be in the early stages of burnout. This dissatisfaction is frustrating, but it’s important to look back on why you entered the position in the first place. Management is often something you are pushed into, rather than seek out – look at why you took the position in the first place. Management is a great way to help others, directly impact the company, and feel empowered in leadership.

Burnout Cause 3: Stress

Many find that stress is its own punishment. After long workdays, even if you are able to disconnect from work, you might not be able to find a good way to deal with stress. Some people find it easy to melt stress away with a good book, show, or game, but others need something unique – de-stressing is more than just not working, it’s a practice in and of itself.