A recent study by the UK Office for national statistics found that the number of UK business closures increased from 288,000 to 357,000 between 2016 and 2017!

In 2019 we have so many opportunities around us, it has never been easier to start and grow a successful business technically! The resources we have access to now are absolutely amazing and we live in an era where we can literally craft our dreams around us.

So then, why are so many businesses STILL failing? And why are so many people, shutting up shop and dropping their hopes and dreams?

Here are some of the BIGGEST mindset mistakes I have seen female entrepreneurs make, and here are some of the biggest mistakes I have made on my own journey!

Let’s jump in!

1. Flexibility. We have goals in mind and a vision of success.

But where the mistake comes in, is that we stay too stuck and don’t allow enough flexibility in our approach to success.

Speak to any successful entrepreneur and they will tell you that their business didn’t look like it does now right at the beginning.

Nokia started out as rubber boots!

Look at Blockbuster they believed that their bricks and mortar business was solid – where are they now? Business like Netflix and Amazon Prime took over and they are the leading companies in that industry now.

It is really easy to avoid this by being more flexible in our approach to success and doing what it takes to achieve a version of our own business and life success!

2. Limiting beliefs. We all have limiting beliefs in some form or another.

The most common ones are ‘I am not good enough’ or ‘ I am not worthy of x”

Other people worry about what people think of you which stops you from taking action. I see this time and time again.

In my past business, I had this problem.

At 22 I had huge success, I was on the biggest growth accelerator in the world, I was winning business awards but internally I didn’t believe I was worthy of this success.

My 5-year business projection was to turn over £864k and I just told myself that I didn’t want it because of these underlying limiting beliefs of not feeling worthy of success.

We can avoid this turmoil by simply asking ourselves “What is it I really believe and how will I support myself to achieve greatness?”

3. Peeping over the fence. Looking at what other people are doing and losing focus.

This is a problem because you see someone else doing something and you think you should also be doing that too so you veer off your own road and start doing something else.

This leads you to stop mid ‘something’ and not complete anything.

The thing is, you only see the front end of their business and you actually have no idea if what they are doing is actually successful or not.

You need to stay in your zone of genius and stay in your own lane.

Keep your blinkers on and focus on the things that you are good at and stop looking over the fence at everyone else. 

To wrap it up, be MORE flexible in your approach to success, STOP telling yourself you are not good enough and STOP peeking over the fence to see what others are doing!

If you would like to dive even further into this topic, I am hosting a free webinar THE 3 STEP BLUEPRINT FOR MINDSET MASTERY: How to harness your genius for increased sales, success and self-confidence and I would love to see you there!