Blame Game – The Recipe that Creates Dissonance in Life and Organizations.

Finger pointing reflects badly on us.

In a conducive environment, it is ideal to have humans who take ownership of their own mistakes. But we do not live in an ideal world. We live in a world and in a society where ownership is polarized.

Mistakes are often seen as ones weakness and others are so quick to judge. For some reason, humans see mistakes as being a detrimental action. When mistakes are perceived as a pariah to the being, ones ego gets in the way of being ethical. Humans then point fingers to shift the blame to someone else. See, to human is to err. Even computers fail. Nothing or no one is perfect. The more we are resistance to taking ownership of mistakes, it creates a hefty dissonance between our team and ourselves. Pointing fingers is the number one reason for us to lose credibility – no matter where we do this ( at home or at work).

Mis – Take — A MISTAKE simply means when our actions are misguided by our own judgement or when we are misguided by the judgements of others. It is synonymous to taking the wrong exit when you are driving or have a back seat driver.

Mila DeChant

When we are opposed  to our own mistakes or feel that someone else constantly needs to take the blame, we fail to grow. Our growth encompasses of a three prong stage.

  1.  Ability to let go of our ego
    • When we focus on our ego, we become blind to understanding whom we are as a person. We become blind to accepting our faults. We have to acknowledge our ego is in the way and the moment we let go of our ego, we gain a sense of humbleness.
  2. Ability to take ownership of our faults
    • When we take ownership of our faults, it does not reflect poorly on us. It in fact reflects our ability and our maturity to become responsible to our actions. It allows us to build credibility.
  3. Ability to make a change
    • Once we take action on the first 2 steps, it becomes easier to make change. To enable change is to let go of what is holding us back ( the ego) and to take ownership to our mistakes. This then catalyses our ability and our willingness to make a change. Our ability to make a change shapes a path to how we grow as a human.

Those who continue to blame others for their mistakes will never evolve as a human.

Mila DeChant


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