With clients labelling her the BS-free coach, Kylie Nel is here to take you under her wing and help you relentlessly and authentically achieve your business goals.  The woman behind Miss K Business Coaching, Kylie is a sales and marketing expert and intuitive business coach.

Kylie started her career as an online coach 5 years ago, and deciding to focus on business coaching in 2019. “This is also when I fell in love with the intricacies of running a business online, and simultaneously started my Master’s degree studying online female entrepreneurs perception of success and their psychological profile at the Graduate School of Business in Cape Town,” she says. Within less than a year, Kylie expanded her business beyond sales and marketing to also now incorporating Human Design, but has scaled her business to 7 figures in South Africa. She now works with women all over the world, enabling them with the skills to do the same. 

“I’m here to catch you and quantum leap you to success, all you need to do is jump,” Kylie says. Kylie differs to other online coaches as she doesn’t only focus on business strategy, but incorporates intuitive abilities, oracle card readings and energy work, as well as human design to ensure her clients reach the greatest success possible. “This ensures that I really help my client’s level-up not only the strategy in their business, but also their emotional and spiritual wellbeing,” she says. “I’m going to give you the best strategy out there, and help you to uniquely tailor it to your energetic blueprint to soar in the online space,” Kylie promises. Having helped female entrepreneurs across the globe claim the freedom, fulfilment and finances they desire, Kylie is here to help you do the same. Below she outlines the 3 things you need to do to cultivate success from within.    

You need to learn to forgive. Forgive yourself and others to heal any old wounds you still carry. It’s impossible to move forward when you are still carrying the same baggage that stunted your growth years ago.


You can’t move forward by holding onto old baggage. Whether it’s people close to you that have tried to break you down, old mentors or coaches that didn’t deliver on their process – release and move on. We can’t move forward to our goals if we keep looking back to the things that stunted our growth. Everything happens for a reason, and regardless of the peaks and valleys of life, always ask yourself what are the lessons that can be learnt.

Accept change.

Accept that you will be constantly learning, as things are forever changing. You are never going to be the absolute BEST at what you do, and most likely you will always find someone ‘better than you’ to compare yourself to. Stay in your own lane, focus upon your own journey and always be the most eager learner in the room. Curiosity and humility will take you very far. 

I am always learning new things, upgrading my skills, and finding more information to add to my skills set. I love to repeat this to all my clients: You only need to be two steps ahead of the person you want to serve. You don’t need to wait for the perfect time, or until you have a wall of certifications until you start. Start where you are, with what you have, and allow your business and offers to evolve as you evolve. 

Redefine success.

Redefine what success means to you, and what kind of success you want for yourself. Money is not the only measure of success  – look deeper within: how fulfilled are  you, how happy are you? How is your wellbeing? And, what about your clients – how are they doing? Are they happy, supported and feeling fulfilled in working with you? 

If you keep chasing after other people’s desires or standards, you will always be left bitter and frustrated. No one is going to hand you a golden ticket when you achieve your first $10k month (since this seems to be the big norm) or suddenly treat you differently when you start making more money in your business. The world pretty much stays the same, the only difference you now have is the power to create more change in the world. 

Celebrate yourself, set your own standards, and you will fly through the goals you set.

It’s hard enough navigating life seamlessly, let alone when you are a business owner. But by applying Kylie’s lessons to all areas of your life we have no doubt you will be left happier and wealthier as you cultivate your own success. If you would like to learn more or work with Kylie, click here.