A water softener reduces the hardness of water by replacing the calcium and magnesium ions in the water with sodium ions. Less aggressive, softened water offers many benefits for your health and your appliances … not to mention your wallet! Overview of the main benefits of softened water.

The well-being of everyday life

Hard water, that is to say, rich in limestone, is aggressive for the skin and especially sensitive skin. The crystals of minerals that compose it cause irritation of the skin, redness or even chapped skin and are a factor aggravating eczema for people who are subject to it. With a water softener, your skin no longer dries up and regains all its softness. In addition to dry skin, lime scale promotes dryness of the scalp and causes itching. With a water softener, your hair is reinforced to the point and regains its shine and natural shine.

Of course, there is a lot of moisturizing skin and hair products on the market after showering or bathing. These solutions, sometimes expensive, require time and application. To install a water softener at home, it is to choose a durable solution 100% natural (finished tubes of creams with multiple chemical compounds)! The softener gives you well-being every day as it frees your time to enjoy more of your loved ones. All while realizing substantial savings, which is not negligible.

Comfort assured throughout the house

Does your shower wall show stubborn white marks? Your coffee maker starts to whiten and takes a long time to heat up? Your laundry is too rough when you leave the washing machine? These are the inconveniences – and there are many others – caused by too hard water. When this water is heated, the lime-scale deposits solidify to form what is more commonly called scale. The water softener remains the ideal solution to get rid of lime-scale – and therefore tartar – throughout the house.

Do you know that over time, an accumulation of scale causes a gradual reduction of the internal diameter of your pipes up to complete obstruction? This phenomenon is particularly visible at the point of drawdown as the faucets, whose jet is altered in the same way as the decorative varnish. With softened water, say goodbye to the traces of limestone on your shower wall or your coffee maker. Your laundry regains its softness and your dishes shine again. So many valid reasons to equip yourself with a water softener if you live in a limestone region.

Savings in the short and medium-term

Limestone, responsible for scale, will accumulate on each heating point such as electric heaters or washing machine drums, resulting in premature aging of heating equipment and over-consumption of electricity. Indeed, tartar acting as a thermal insulator, it is necessary to heat the tartar before heating the water, so that the devices are solicited longer and more often than necessary, so more exposed to the risk of failure.

By optimizing your installations through a softener, you protect yourself against all these inconveniences (premature failure, labor and breakdown costs …), you reduce your energy bill and especially you prolong the duration of life of your appliances. The water softener also renders perfectly useless all “anti-lime-scale” maintenance products deemed harmful to your health and the environment. By achieving less energy and equipment expenses (renewal of household appliances, cleaning products …), you make a gesture for the planet and act at your level for sustainable development. The softener is, therefore, a real investment in the medium term with benefits felt in the very short term!

Stop at received ideas!

It is important to remember that, contrary to popular belief, drinking softened water has no adverse effect on health. Softened water does not have a salty taste. Finally, and it is important to underline it, the water softener is a preventive treatment against certain formidable bacteria like the legionnaire who finds refuge in the calculus.