Change, expansion and evolution are the realities of the physical universe. However, we don’t just evolve physically or as species, we also evolve mentally and conscientiously. Through reincarnation and maintaining an open mind our souls can also evolve and grow with no limit.

As soon as we close our minds, because of religious dogma, fundamentalism, orthodoxy, misguided sense of spiritual elitism or an enslaved sense of self (a mind that is enslaved to a guru, a sect, a god or deity) we stop evolving.

I have categorized my Humanity’s Soul Evolution Principal in 4 stages. Of course, the lower levels don’t know about the other steps. For example, while a soul is in Level 2 (religion), even if it reads about the Level 4, chances are it would simply ignore it or consider it “crazy.”

Brief Overview of the Soul Evolution Principal


Those at Level 1 are only concerned with survival, physicality and reproduction.


Filled with dogma and fear of punishment, it introduces basically what is soul slavery. Religions of the world program the followers to worship invisible beings and deities and surrender notion of self. Some religions openly refer to their followers as “sheep.”


As a progressive soul evolves it sees through and naturally sheds the simplistic mind and soul control tactics used in religion. Many souls looking for answers outside of religion are drawn to Eastern-style spirituality or what is commonly called yoga or yogic teachings.

Due to strong programming that also exists in basic spirituality the seeker wrongly considers spirituality to be the ultimate truth (a fanatical pattern carried over from Level 2) and falls into another mind trap.


Once you understand and truly inhabit your soul’s worth, your true origin, your infinite path and ultimate destination, you’ll gradually evolve beyond the basic spirituality as well. Your soul reaches adulthood and it then can become independent. All the past shenanigans and con artistry fade away. The thoughts of soul slavery go away. New revelations are revealed each day.

Rumi calls my Level 4 a place beyond right or wrong, good or bad and dark or light.

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  • Shahram Shiva

    Shahram Shiva is an author, writer, poet, recording artist and award-winning translator of Rumi. He is teacher of advanced spirituality and ascension.

    Shahram Shiva is an author, writer, poet, recording artist and award-winning translator and scholar of Rumi.

    He is the founder of Rumi Network and one of the original translators and popularizers of Rumi. Shahram Shiva's Rumi interpretations are quoted and referred to in about 300 books in English and other languages.

    He is a teacher of advanced spirituality (aka ascension). He is known for rich and entrancing concerts and performances, captivating talks and powerful experiential workshops.

    Shahram Shiva's teachings are on the future of spirituality, consciousness expansion, vision manifestation, enlightenment, ascension and self-realization.

    Shahram Shiva's newest books are 12 Secret Laws of Self-Realization and Rumi's Untold Story. His last album to date is Love Evolve.