In June 2016, I had nothing. 

I had just been fired from my 2nd job in 2 months after only 3 days working there. 

Of course I was happy I didn’t have to work there anymore but in my mind I felt like I was running out of options. 

It wasn’t until I took a leap of faith to invest in a online social media program I met my mentor who taught me the importance of these habits. I hadn’t heard anyone else speaking about them which was strange to me at the time because of how effective these habits are. 

Fast forward today and only 2 years later, I’ve made more progress Financially, with my health, with sales & persuasion & many other aspects of my life with these habits than I would’ve made in 10- 15 years without them. 

Let’s now talk about the 5 habits…

  1. NOT being a Snowflake

This one is very interesting & I owe a lot of credit to The 50 Billion Dollar man Dan Pena for this concept. It simply means you don’t want to be a person who constantly takes offense at what people say to you.

A company I used to work with was a great example of this. The founder & one of his employees constantly kept getting offended at everything I said. They simply took everything I said the wrong way. 

A person with high self esteem won’t get offended. They’ll laugh it off and keep moving forward. People have great difficulty with this habit because they don’t have a thick skin and I can tell you, if you don’t have a thick skin then it’s going to be very difficult for you to move up the ladder of success very quickly. 

2. Reading at least 3 books a week

Yes of course we’re all told to read. We’re all told to read at our own pace and we’ll gradually get through books. Well I can tell you the problem here is you’re moving too slowly. We’re in a fast moving competitive world and the minute you move too slowly is the minute people overtake you. 

Why is this habit so tough to stick to? Because it takes a lot of mental effort to sit down and read. Of course it gets easier along the way but it’s still one of those activities which is difficult to really sit down and do. 

Great example is my mentor read 3,000 books in 3 years. He went through 25 years of information in 3 years. Even I read a book a day and everyday it still takes mental effort to sit down and do it. 

But what I can tell you is the faster you go through information, the faster you can implement new concepts into your life to move up the success ladder much quicker.

3. Silence for at least 15mins a day

We’re in such a fast moving world today that sometimes it can be difficult to find time to think in silence. It’s in many ways one of the most important habits one can acquire. 

Silence doesn’t mean with music on, with lots of loud noise outside or even noise in your house. I don’t mean meditation either where you sit in silence without thinking. I’m talking about thinking in total silence. 

For many of you this will be very awkward at the start because most of you haven’t done this before. 

Why is this so important? Because being silent allows you to quickly and easily discover solutions to your problems. Whenever there’s something I don’t like, I go into silence in order to figure out solutions. You’d be surprised about the quality of solutions you can come up with to your problems by thinking in silence. 

4. Hypnosis

This is one of my secret weapons. I remember when my mentor first told me about hypnosis & immediately I was terrified about what would happen. I mean I didn’t want a random person speaking to my subconscious whilst I was asleep. 

Despite my initial fear, my results were phenomenal. Within 21 days I started to have more confidence than I had over the past 20 years. I got over a breakup in 90 days that would’ve taken my at least 8 months otherwise. I even know a person who got over a 30 year smoking habit in 60 days from hypnosis. 

So I’d strongly recommend Steve G. Jones. Join his email list and he often does discounts on his hypnosis recordings. Simply put them on when you’re about to fall asleep and the hypnosis works while you’re sleeping. Soon, when you do hypnosis consistently for at least 21 days you’ll start to feel the change. 

Why do people struggle? They’re scared about doing hypnosis just like I was. How I got over the fear was staying consistent with the hypnosis and feeling the difference in results. Once there, I was hooked!

5. Having questions answered everyday by a mentor.

Why do people struggle with this so much? Because they think they know everything. They think their current knowledge level is so brilliant they don’t need to keep learning. 

Notice how I didn’t say learn from a mentor. I said learn from a mentor as much as you can, ideally everyday. That doesn’t mean you’ll go to dinner everyday with them but just a question or 2 you’re uncertain about is key to ask everyday. 

It’s very difficult for a lot of people to be really humble and realise how little they really know. Even Ray Dalio, one of the world’s greatest investors and worth almost $20 billion says one of the keys to his success is a constant reminder of how little he knows. 

You’d think someone worth $20 billion wouldn’t have anything else to learn. You’re wrong. This concept itself is also the reason it takes people 3 years to learn something others took 25 years to learn. The person who took 25 years learned everything themselves. They didn’t seek constant advice. 


  • Callum Davies

    "Most people die at 25. We just don't bury them until they're 70."

    Callum Davies is an 2 time Author, Writer for Addicted 2 Success and has been featured on Entrepreneur, Ted, The Next Web, Fox & more. Callum at his digital agency works largely with Single & Multi location Medical Practices & Law firms. Originally from Bristol UK, he currently resides in Orlando Florida.