Our sense of happiness and inner peace eventually boils down to two factors. 

Can we enjoy the present while we achieve in the future? 

This balance between excitement and security greatly influences our happiness, both in the short and the long term.

Great teachers tell us quality of life and wellbeing is all about living in the present moment, but is that practical? We have to do some thinking and planning about our futures, right?

What determines the quality of our enjoyment and achievements?

Let’s add in 2 more factors.

One factor is our efficiency. In other words, how effective are we in doing our task. Do we have the skills needed to do what we need and want to do?

The second is having a clear direction of where we’re going, a clear and concise set of goals.

Think of a race car. You need to maintain it and keep it finely tuned for it to be effective. You also need to have a destination in mind or it sits in your garage forever.

How you put these 4 factors together is what determines your feeling of happiness in life.

Efficiency + No Goals = No Achievement and No Enjoyment: This person is a hard worker, but with no clear goals, they don’t make much progress. They worry about the future, but without a map to get there, they’re left feeling anxious and unhappy. The race car is tuned, but they have not place to go.

Efficient + Goals = Achievement but No Enjoyment: This is the career driven person. Their focus is heavily on the future and advancement. They forget to have fun and neglect their friends and family. The race car is tuned but they never take it out.

Inefficient + No Goals = No Achievement and No Enjoyment: This person is being bounced along like a cork on the sea. They plod along in life reacting rather than taking any sort of control. They may not even believe that having any control is possible. They tend to expect the negative, and clearly aren’t happy. This person’s race car doesn’t start and it’s growing cobwebs in the barn because it hasn’t seen the sunlight in years.

Inefficient + Goals = No Achievement and No Enjoyment: This person is a frustrated dreamer. They have a vision of a grand future, but not the skills to get there. The good news is, skills can be learned! This person has a destination in mind, but the race car isn’t starting.

Inefficient + No Goals = No Achievement with Enjoyment: This person has no worries and is hedonistic. All is sacrificed for the sake of fun at the moment. This race car breaks down on the side of the road because the oil was never changed.

Efficient + Goals = Achievement and Enjoyment: This person found the perfect balance. They’re happy because they enjoy the present and they plan for the future. They have goals for work and for fun and they have the systems and skills to achieve them. Their race car is in tip top shape with a great destination in mind.

Take your own inventory and increase your happiness.

How would you rate your current balance between enjoyment now and achievement in the future?

Do you have clear goals in the major areas of life? Family, Finances, Career, Fun, Spirituality, Health?

How efficient and organized are you, so you can reach your goals?

Are you lacking in any of the 4 factors? None of the qualities are set in stone.

Creatively find ways to enjoy your present moment. 

If new skills are needed, add them. You’re likely already doing that by reading posts here!

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