Is it possible to have everything you dream of? Many people would tell you ‘no’, that you would have to sacrifice your aspirations for ‘reality’, but Amanda Suga is here to tell you that your dreams are always within reach!

Amanda understands firsthand the challenges that every ambitious woman goes through daily – struggling to balance responsibility with ambition and feeling the weight of society’s expectations on her to ‘play by the rules’, but refused to accept the notion that she couldn’t be a good mother and successful entrepreneur at the same time. Now, after mastering the power of manifestation and using it to bring her vision board to life including 2 promotions, double her salary, and her dream car, Amanda has developed a signature framework to demystify the esoteric principles of manifestation and help other motivated women create a life of abundance without the hustle. 

Amanda is an established Life, Mindset and Manifestation Coach with certifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique and Reiki healing who has transformed herself to live the dichotomy of a soulful, luxe lifestyle after experiencing her own spiritual awakening. She poured her time and energy into learning how to merge the realms of universal law, psychology and science together, creating The Illuminary Co. An inspirational space that enables women to utilize their innate manifesting power in a practical manner that can be applicable to their daily lives. 

She shares with us below the 5 most common ways ambitious women unknowingly are blocking their vision boards from coming to life.

1 – Comparing

When we constantly compare ourselves to others, we are basically just building our belief in them rather than placing in ourselves. Energy flows where your attention goes. When you focus so much on what everyone else is doing, you’re draining yourself of precious energy. Start by shifting your perspective when you see other women doing, being and having what you desire as proof and fuel that it is all possible for you, too!

2 – Living in your dreams

When we  are constantly daydreaming and wishing to be in our future states, we’re actually in a state of wanting, which means not having. In order to truly magnetize the things you dream about into your reality, you need to focus on creating the feelings of having rightnow. Start by writing down 5 things your grateful for in your life right now and feel into this state of having knowing more is on it’s way.

3 – Positive Washing

The key to manifesting is to be in a state of positive thought and having negative thoughts and feelings are necessary to our human experience as they allow us the perspective to see what we truly desire by showing us what we don’t. When we simply try to wash over the negative with positivity, we’re missing the messages that these feelings have for us. Instead be willing to get comfortable with these uncomf feelings and face them head on and by doing so you take their power away. 

4 – Hustling

While action is required in manifesting your dream life, doing more doesn’t create more, especially if you are feeling burnt out. Instead, give yourself time to just be, fill your cup. Then look at what you are thinking and feeling on a daily basis. When you take action from a place of certainty, belief and abundance in your mind, the actions themselves are so much more powerful. This is how you create more by doing less. 

5 – Not taking responsibility 

This one can be hard to hear, but the biggest thing that’s keeping you stuck is thinking that life is happening to you. That you have no control over your circumstances. The truth is, you have manifested everything in your life until this point, based on your previous thoughts and beliefs. Take responsibility for your life thus far, own this power. Once you do this, you take control of where you go from here by shifting your mindset.

If you’re trying to break the mold, you don’t have to cling to the outdated belief that manifestation is some abstract ‘woo-woo’ concept beyond you. Amanda has been demonstrating the power of this tool for years, and is here to show you that the power to access the life of your dreams is at your fingertips, you just need to turn the key! 

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