Many people go to college, get a job, and start building their career and after several years find themselves feeling stuck. It can come as a surprise and feel hopeless. This is one of the more common issues I see with my clients. I’m going to break down the 8 reasons you feel you’re stuck or feel you are settling and what to do about it.

It is engrained so early that you need to invest in college in an area that will make you a good living. You want a job with health benefits and retirement. You achieve this and invest years building your acumen and climbing the ranks.

So what happens when you’ve invested time, effort, and money into your career and realize you’re not fulfilled? Most people look within their company for something new that will spark their growth and leave them temporarily satisfied. Some keep the routine and decide this is the life they signed up for, never realizing what is possible for them.

There are 8 reasons you feel stuck in your career and that you can’t make a move. These are the reasons your view of possibilities may be limited. Once you overcome these reasons, you unleash your career potential, make more money if that’s your thing, and wake up happy each day you go to work.


You’ve invested so much time in your career. You’ve built up momentum and you don’t want to lose it. I offer with every minute you don’t make a change, you’re holding your growth back. Further, I find with my clients that their skills are often transferrable.

2. Pride

You’ve worked for where you are. Whether it be for title, prestige, or pride that you’ve stayed as long as you have, letting this go for something you haven’t done before can be scary. Know your achievements transfer with you and they don’t leave you when you decide to explore a more fulfilled career and life.

3. Identity

You likely spend most of your waking hours at work so your identity may be wrapped up in your career. What would it mean if you’re no longer an executive, a specialist, a technician? This is where finding a coach or mentor can be paramount. You can learn to understand your identity and see your authenticity outside of your job title.

4. Money

You’ve built up a successful career and make a good salary and benefits. I encourage you to look at how much money you really need and the cost of your job on your health. That’s right, being unfulfilled has costs that are tangible and not.

5. Standing Alone

You may think being different, stepping outside your circle is too hard. Your friends may all be wrapped up in your career. You would be stepping outside the norm. You need to live your life for you, not for others. You have the capability to lead and not follow the pack.

6. Fear of the Unknown

The grass may be greener and it may not and this leaves you paralyzed with making a change. You know what to expect where you are so there is comfort in that. What if you were certain of your 5 year plan and you knew you were where you were supposed to be. Would you be willing to explore the unknown for that level of happiness in your life?

7. Guilt

I work with a lot of moms and they often feel guilt for prioritizing themselves, rocking the boat, and doing something that is different. They worry about the cost to their children and spouses. Your children and spouse want you to be happy and this can be resolved. You will be a better parent and spouse when you are satisfied in all areas of your life.

8. The Secret Reason

This is a reason that is often buried below the more obvious ones, what if you overcome all the other reasons and you don’t have the confidence the change is going to be wroth it and is really aligned with your values. What if you make a mistake in trying to figure out your next move? Finding and pursuing this is what life is all about. When you know you can do anything, even if you haven’t done it before, and have the courage to make powerful decisions for you, you can do anything. This secret is the foundation of my work with clients.

You can overcome all 8 of these reasons and find your purpose, your true direction and be in love with your 5 year plan. In my proven exploration process I help clients discover their ideal career, understand their character strengths that contribute to feeling fulfilled at home and at work and gain the courage to be fearless in pursuit of their goals. My clients are happier, healthier, and live a life they once thought was not possible.

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