Adam Olsen

The pandemic changed the way a lot of businesses operate. It has also upended plans people had that included things like buying and selling homes. One real estate brokerage based in Texas found a way to not only survive, but thrive during the pandemic.

The Adam Olsen Team has been helping its clients sell properties throughout the pandemic, while keeping all parties involved safe. This was possible thanks to leveraging the power of social media and employing technologies that allowed for real estate transactions to be as remote as possible.

Heavy use of social media marketing was something Adam Olsen, founder and broker of The Adam Olsen Team, has been doing since he started almost seven years ago. In fact, this was a major way he gained an edge over his competitors in the industry, as well as how he made a name for himself. At 18, he had to prove himself to industry old-timers. He ended up doing exactly that.

Social media was a largely-untapped resource that could be used in his original regional Houston market, as well as nationwide and beyond. Today, The Adam Olsen Team has listings across the United States and Canada.

Currently, the brokerage has around 150 listings in its portfolio. It has been able to amsss this sizable portfolio by using social media to promote listings. This has resulted in The Adam Olsen Team consistently breaking records, winning awards, and receiving endless praise from clients.

Connecting sellers with potential buyers, without needing to step into a home at the onset, has allowed for homeowners to continue with their plans of selling their homes during the pandemic. Professional photography and videography, as well as virtual meetings, have enabled The Adam Olsen Team to showcase the homes of its clients as effectively as possible in a remote fashion. This strategy has proven to be far superior to the industry’s standard, which is a virtual tour.

Employing e-signatures for documents that need to be signed is just another example of the contactless safety precautions The Adam Olsen Team has been taking. Basically, if there is any step along the real estate transaction process that can be done remotely, this brokerage has figured out how to do it. This has led to droves of clients looking to get their properties listed with The Adam Olsen Team.

While there may be challenges in buying and selling homes currently, it does not mean it can’t be done. Innovative companies like The Adam Olsen Team are stepping up and leveraging the technologies that exist today to help homeowners when they need to sell their homes.

You can head over to the Adam Olsen Team’s website to learn more, as well as follow this fast-rising real estate team Adam created on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.