The Antony Gordon show is known for its wise words of guidance constantly touching  podcast listener’s hearts with life lessons and deep words of wisdom.

The show has a wide scope of intriguing guests, with one of its most recent being NFL Vet Marshall Newhouse. Newhouse has had 10 years of experience in the ruthless world of professional football and certainly has great knowledge of the perseverance and hard work that it takes to become successful.

Like many others at Newhouse’s level, he understands that life is not what happens to you, but what you make of it. This was a recurring subject in the podcast. Newhouse stated “It’s less about the things that are put in front of you and more about how you react to them in the moment, and long term. I throw determination at hard situations and use that as well as being adaptable”.

The talented athlete has used the tools he has gained to take precautions and ensure he will have a solid future post-football.  Hhe did not want to end up like many other players – with potential bankruptcy and a lack of purpose.

Newhouse is a role model to many people, not only because of his success in football, but also because of his inherent desire to seek new information and also because of the way he utilizes his status for the greater good, to make an impact, not for 15 minutes of fame.

The show’s focus is to uncover the journeys that have brought successful people to where they are today. By sharing their stories and learning from mistakes and challenges that these people have faced, listeners from around the world are being inspired.

The conversation between Gordon and Newhouse not only brought us all knowledge and inspiration but also a message, something we can all apply to our lives – “We forget that we are all very connected, and due to this there’s chance to have a serious effect on someone’s life by being a beacon of light for them, whether it’s a small act or taking on the position of a role model to guide someone or push them along in the right direction”. A beautiful message from Newhouse. We all need to do our part to be kind and selfless, the world needs more of that.

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