The Art of Letting People Believe and Trust In You

If you are a business owner then you sell for a living, this means that acting in a certain way to get people to trust and work with you. Professionals that have been in the sales business or business owners are the perfect examples of how they can meet a stranger, have a conversation with them, and at the end ask them for money. Let me assure you that it is not an easy task to present yourself to someone in such a way that the other person completely trusts them.

So today we are going to be showing you a few ways by which you can convince people to believe and trust in you. So without further ado let’s get started.

Greet Them Properly

When you are about to have a conversation with someone you have just met, your first act is always going to be a greeting. So make sure that you always greet someone with a big smile on your face. This might not seem important but smiles and warm greetings affect the mood of the person sitting in front of you. A good and warm greeting is going to change the mood of the person and make you look more presentable and friendlier than with a cold greeting.

Talk Slow

One of the key mistakes that many people make is that they get nervous and start to talk quickly. If a person is talking fast, it affects subconsciously on the mind of the person sitting next to you. What you have to do is talk slowly and intentionally. Talking slowly to a potential customer is going to impart the feelings of trust and friendliness to the customer, which is needed if you are going to ask that man for money afterward.

Over the years you will get the hang of talking like this but for now, you have to keep a close check on what and how you are saying things, just don’t rush or talk extensively.

Verify Yourself

One of the first things a person’s mind looks for is connections and affiliations that help the brain make a connection with you. What you want to do is help the person identify any affliction that you might have with them, you can use all sorts of ways but what I use is a Facebook contest, I sometimes buy Facebook contest votes to ensure that I can have a connection with the clients right away. The sooner the person can find any connections or affiliations with you, the sooner they are going to start trusting you.

Listen Carefully

The easiest mistake that many people make is that they don’t listen to the customer when they are talking. What you have to do is maintain eye contact and carefully listen to what the customer has to say, the connection of trust is a two-way street and you need to understand it to make someone to trust you.

Keep your mind and your eyes focused on the other person, it is going to provide a sense of trustworthiness into the heart of the customer making him trust you more.

And if you want to step the game up a notch, try asking a constructive question based on what the customer said. This is going to ensure the customer that you were listing and improve your trustworthiness.

Verify Them

In every sales meeting, you might have heard that the customer is always right. This applies here as well when you are talking with the client always try to agree to what they are saying even though it does not favor you. Agreeing with someone is going to allow them to drop their walls and they are not going to be as protective of their opinion as they would be if you had disagreed.

Simply agree with them and work the story back into your favor.