Experience moments of joy in your everyday life with mindful walking. It is a magical practice that calms your mind while engages your body at the same time.

Mindful walking is a great practice to induce feeling-good vibes. If you’re looking for a good reason to get out and explore nature, incorporate mindful walking in your everyday life. Studies have shown that when we take breaks like a short walk between tasks or spend time in nature, it has a rejuvenating effect on the brain. You feel productive, calm, and energetic. You feel close to nature and become conscious of your body moments during mindful walking.

You can do it anywhere whether it’s your workplace or home. You will feel refreshed and better after finishing the walk. No need to say, it is a best practice to add to your daily schedule in these weird times. So, here is a simple guide to perform mindful walking. Before diving into the tips, let me clear your doubts about mindful walking. Let’s do it.

How mindful walking feels like?

Remember those moments when you feel a sense of joy and calmness gazing at mountains, rivers, or trees during a ride. Mindful walking feels the same. It allows your mind to wander and focus on everything that is happening outside and inside of you.

You can also call it a short walk, but it is different from a stroll in the park. Waking meditation cultivates mindfulness with some specific focusing techniques. You notice the physical sensations your eyes are open gazing at the surroundings and, your mind focuses your body moments. Mindful walking is an out of the world experience that you should do every day.

Here are the simple tips for the mindful walking:

Gaze around you

Notice where your eyesight goes when you walk. Gaze up whenever you find yourself looking down at your feet. Make sure you are comfortable in the walk and moving at a slower pace. Find the best thing to gaze during your mindful walking like the sky or trees. The reality is you have the Sky and Earth to enhance mindful walking, so look up and enjoy.

Be present in the moment

Allow your mind to wander and notice beautiful things come in your way during the walk, such as noises and sounds. If you are doing it early morning, you might hear the miraculous sounds of nature, especially in the early morning. Being aware of surroundings gives peace of mind. It helps you release the worries that you have been carrying for a long time, and you feel full of bliss in the end.

Slow down your pace

Slow down a bit and give attention to the world around you. You will find out tiny details, beauty, and imperfections in the surroundings. Observe your pace while walking, and don’t think about the destination. Mindful walking is a journey to the unknown. It will take time to create a perfect pace. So keep trying until you find your moment.

Observe your breathe

Breathing is natural, but how often do you focus on your breathing during a walk. As you have heard, meditation is connected to breathing. So why not focus on it. Take a deep inhale with every step and exhale. Try to sync your breath to the rhythm of your body moments. You will see that a slight fluctuation in your breathing as you speed up and slow down. You will find a surprising pattern of breathing that affects your state of mind. By observing your breath, you will experience a sense of peace and joy during the walk. It’s true.

Keep your posture tall

Many of us have forgotten to stand tall. This is because of our sedentary lifestyle. So when you start mindful walking, try to keep your posture straight. Roll the shoulders down, look straight, and walk. Breathing comes easier when you walk straight.

Chant a mantra

Affirmations keep your state of mind positive. We can also call it a mantra. You can also create your own mantra for the chanting. The affirmations keep you positive and optimistic and prepare your mind for meditation.

Don’t use the phone

Walking is a perfect time for a digital detox that we all need time to time. Put your phone in the pocket and focus on the walk. Experts suggest we should not use any electronic device while engaging in meditation. If possible, keep your phone at home to prevent distractions.

If you feel joy by thinking of mindful walking, this is for you dear. Don’t worry if you feel distracted when you start the practice, so keep try. Once you are perfect, you will notice a blissful version of yourself that never knew existed. These are simple tips for beginners. You can enhance your experience with many other tactics given by the experts.

Are you ready then?