I believe that society has given the word servant or service a bad and degrading stigma. I do believe that serving covers several attributes such as love, kindness, respect, etc. When we go beyond ourselves for another, that is serving. Lets also not forget that to be of good service to ourselves is important. If we deprive ourselves of our essential needs and heart desires, we position ourselves to be of no good service to others. 

Service is the missing ingredient in many aspects of our culture. To serve is to nurture or fulfill the needs, desires, and ambitions of ourselves and others. We were created to serve. Our gifts and talents are not only designed for ourselves but to serve others. Nature is in need of our service so in return it can fulfill its purpose which is to serve us. Someone has to cultivate the seed-bearing grounds and care for the animal families of the earth. Service is present when that person extends a hand to the elderly as they unload their groceries in their home, nurtures that entry-level employee for leadership, or soothes the fears of an innocent child on a stormy night.

Imagine life without serving. If you are not serving, what are you doing? Next time you are out at your favorite restaurant, think deeply how amazing that server is and treat them as if your favorite celebrity is serving you because they truly deserve it. They are of good service to your desires and that should be of extreme value. Return the favor and serve them with gratitude and gladness. Imagine how magical the world would be if we had that type of service in every area of life.