Think about it, is anything in the universe absolutely static? Movement is all around us. At the onset of conception, cells multiply and divide at a pace never to occur again. At the end of our lives, movement may slow, but it does not halt until our last breath. 

I embrace movement externally and internally, which are usually intertwined. Let us begin with external action. Exercise is the remedy for changing course. If I am feeling a bit stuck and melancholic, I know that exercise will help me get unstuck, and the curative elements cannot be overstated. Often, I will get on my Bowflex and then my treadmill. While I am moving, I feel not just a change physically but mentally.

Dancing even free-form is especially included. There is nothing more mood-altering and stress-reducing than the magic of dance. There are times I play a song that energizes me, and I cannot help but laugh and experience a cascade of joy.

I happen to be gifted genetically with a great deal of serotonin, so my natural state is usually positive and hopeful. With that said, I am mortal, and I, too, experience periods of being stuck. The activity of exercise, especially adding music, brings me back home to positivity. 
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Internal Movement

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How about internal movement? Not only do we benefit from the power of physical exercise, but how about when it does not involve physical action. If I am feeling stressed, I frequently turn to classical music. Words cannot express the Majesty of hearing the confluence of these glorious instruments. Not only can it be a stress reducer, but for me, this lovely harmony taps into the depths of my being reaching my heart and soul. 

Alternative Forms of Inducing Movement

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Speaking of music, as a hypnotherapist, I often invite people to evoke an image of a symphony, suggesting that the sections of strings, wind, and others are like bodily systems with the mighty brain as the conductor. Also, I use many other techniques to invite calmness and inwardness. After the hypnotic session, people usually describe a state of relaxation, which they could not imagine. For me, I often use self-hypnosis techniques to create a more relaxed state. In hypnosis, movement is occurring, but slowing down is induced.

Finally, there is a form of internal martial arts I have learned which combines brisk movement with the promotion of inner well being. I am not very adept at it, but I know enough to implement a state of reduced stress. This ancient form of martial arts is known as Bagua. To watch an experienced performer, you can observe the beauty of this almost dance-like movement, but to comprehend the real benefits, you must learn and practice for yourself.

Simple Acts of Stress Reduction

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As someone who embraces overall movement, sometimes, it is a simple walk or petting your animals, which can alter your mood from stress to tranquility. How about giving to another human being? Watch the smile or thanks you receive in return. If that is not one of the most significant stress reducers, I do not know what is. Give it a try and watch what happens. You may be pleasantly surprised at how it impacts your mood.


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