The beauty of pink color can be known only in two conditions — either you are a girl or a girl’s father.

And if you are a girl’s father then you are a hero or not in the real world, but you are sure to be the hero of your daughter’s world, a hero who is strongest and bravest.

Perhaps you have made fun of the girls in your college days who spoke “how cute” to everything; But when you become a girl’s father, you also see the cuteness in things (“Papa, this hairband is so cute, yes baby it is very cute”).

You do not worry about your masculine personality while playing your daughter at home and making a pony on your head and putting a pink lipstick on your lips (some times, while playing, my daughter asks me to act like dogy and I do so).

If you are the father of a girl, then “gentle” does not just remain a word, but becomes a realization, or rather, the gentle word implies only after becoming a girl’s father.

Thank you Riddhi for explaining me the correct meaning of gentle. Wish You a Very Happy Birthday (Note On my daughter’s 4th birthday)