Taking responsibility for your own success is the best and only shortcut to success. Therefore, you should know that you are who you want to be and the limit is just within your definition. So what does this mean? It means that individuals need to be self-motivated when pursuing a destiny in their life. The inspiration to wake up every morning and do what you are supposed to be doing should come from yourself and not forced on you by someone else. It is intrinsic, not extrinsic. Everyone knows what, they want and therefore you only can drive yourself to success. Here are some of the advantages of having intrinsic motivation.

You Will Not Find Any Possible Barriers 
When a person is self-motivated, there is nothing like impossible since the person will work on anything that looks like a barrier and eventually make it to the other side. On the contrary, when the force is coming from someone other external force not related to the individual, it is very easy to give up and therefore the goal is not achieved. The driving force first is usually from an external source, and therefore you just work under supervision. When this person or source of power is not present, you just give up when you are faced with a barrier. This is not the right way of going by the things you have to do so as to get to the destination. Therefore, individuals should learn to be self-motivated so as to hit the targets easily.

You Value the Goal and So You Are Going for It 
People will have intrinsic driving force when they value the goal. When you know what exactly it is that you want, you will ultimately go for the goal, and this is because it impacts your life directly. In short, the motivation is based on the satisfaction offered by the goal that you have set. On the contrary, when the goal benefits the other parties, (because you see it that way) it then becomes very hard to keep going.

This is sometimes the case in a workplace where the staff might see there is no need of burning midnight oil, yet the job you are doing is benefitting someone else, and your salary is just fixed. This is also the reason why some companies pay sales staff based on commission so that they can stretch themselves to the limit.

You Will Leave No Stone Unturned 
Think of the miners, they will literally dig down the furrow even after exhausting the precious stone that was on the site. When they leave that site, don’t be surprised when others come to scope anything that might be left there. When a person`s inspiration is coming from the inside, this is usually the case. Therefore you will make sure that you have done all the tasks just to achieve the goal that is in front of you. On the contrary, you will just be waiting for the time to pass so as to leave the office no matter how much work is on the waiting tray.