The genius, Albert Einstein said, “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”  Why is curiosity important?  I believe that curiosity is the vehicle used by the open minded. It takes them to different places, allowing them to explore and discover different possibilities.  Here are some reasons why curiosity is beneficial and need to be cultivated.

Curiosity help us become better problem solvers. When we are curious, we are more resourceful.  We ask more questions. Questions such as, What can I do to be better?  What are different ways that I can use to solve this problem?  As a result, we naturally come up with interesting and innovative ideas.

Curiosity can also help us overcome our fears.  —People who are curious are not afraid of feeling uncomfortable and facing the unknown. They take action. They are more open to getting out of their comfort zones for the sake of learning more about what they are passionate about.

Curiosity helps us develop empathy. Instead of judging others, we can ask questions and understand where they are coming from. When we are curious, we are more open to exposing ourselves  to different ideas and cultures. As a result, our appreciation for life increases.

Curiosity makes us more knowledgeable.  The more knowledge we have, the more resources we have in helping others. What makes people smart like Einstein?  The man said it himself….he was passionately curious.  

Curiosity also leads to humility.  Humble people know that they don’t know all the answers. They are constantly learning. One of the most pleasing experiences in life is to be involved and have discourses with people who are humble.  They don’t try to prove you wrong. Instead, they come from a detached vantage point that helps you appreciate different perspectives.

Curiosity makes us more self-aware. In the personal development realm for example, curiosity entails the questioning of our beliefs, our values and our perceptions about life. You can ask yourself questions such as, “Is this belief true?  Is it self-imposed?  What belief can I replace it with for me to be more effective and be a better person?” When we are curious, we are more willing to experiment to see what works and what doesn’t. We want to find ways to improve our skills and be a better version of ourselves.   

What are some ways for us to develop more curiosity?

You may read a book. Attend events. Travel. Go hiking and explore the outdoors. Meditate and  see what is in your mind. Write on a journal. Instead of talking about yourself, ask people to talk about themselves. Listen to podcasts. Start a new hobby. The list is endless. The key is to engage yourself in activities that make you feel excited.

I encourage you to be a scientist in your own life. Be like an inquisitive child with an open mind, never losing that sense of wonder. Now my question to you is, “What lights up your curiosity?” 


  • Maria Ellora was born and raised in the Philippines and lived in Hawaii for many years. She is passionate about self-development, writing, photography, and traveling. She loves exploring topics on Spirituality, Psychology, and Art and aspires to contribute in the elevation of humanity's consciousness.