Don’t believe in yoga? You think that a three minute pose cannot have much of an impact on your lives? Here are all the reasons why a session of Yin Yoga will benefit you in numerous ways,  

The current pandemic has locked us in our homes. Going out to workout and exercise is no more an option for us. So, what do we do to maintain our physical and mental well being? Yoga has time and again proved a beneficial tool not only for better physical but also mental health. Especially in times like these it is necessary for us to make sure that we stay in the pink of our health. Here’s how you can incorporate YIn Yoga in your daily routine to stay fit and healthy. But first let us understand what Yin Yoga is:  

What is Yin Yoga?  

Ying Yoga is a form of Yoga that incorporates the principals of traditional Chinese medicine. It is a slow paced form of yoga that executes asanas that are held for a longer duration than other forms. The form of yoga is designed to help your sit longer in meditative positions with a focus on strengthening the connective tissues around joints. Yin Yoga has numerous benefits that we will discuss in the article:  

Benefits of Yin Yoga:  

Yin Yoga Pose – Arhanta Yoga Ashram

Restores Range of Motion:  

A healthy range of motion is obtained with the connective tissues allow muscles to glide over each other smoothly. There are certain factors like injury, non-movement for long periods, aging among others that will reduce your range of motion. This creates adhesion in the connective tissues obstructing the flow of nutrients to the body causing pain and stiffness. Holding Yin Yoga poses help improve the length of the muscles and fascia breaking these adhesions. This way one can improve their range of motion.  

Helps us Slow Down:  

In today’s fast paced life were we are constantly on the move, it is necessary that we slow down and rest for a while. Yin Yoga does just that, it helps you marinate in the stillness of its poses. While you allow yourself to immerse yourself in the present doing these poses, you experience the joy of waiting and giving your body some time. The slow poses also help you mind relax and focus on itself rather than the constant stress that life serves you.  

Revitalizes the tissues in your body:  

As you slowly immerse yourself in the poses of YIn Yoga you lengthen the muscles and the joints freeing them in the process. The stress in your body is released as you slowly gain to control of your body and that not only revitalizes your body but your mind as well. A yin Yoga session leaves you feeling like you’ve just had a massage.  

Helps you become more resilient towards stress:  

The long poses help you release the accumulated emotions that we rather hide in our daily lives. It gives time for your mind to work and face your stress and issues rather than running away from them. All this while the body moves and relaxes. This helps you improve your fight or flight response to uncalled situations, where you learn to focus on the problems rather than running away.  

Cultivates balance:  

Maintaining your well-being while your work hard to achieve your dreams, is a balancing act. Our active lives give way to the Yang energy in our lives, which makes us disturbed and negative. Yin Yoga gives us the opportunity to foster the quite side of life and enjoy the positive energy.  

All-in-all Yin yoga is a practice that allows us to connect our minds to our bodies and live a healthy lifestyle.