Benefits of Taking Coffee Breaks at Work

Coffee, in a work environment, is synonymous with good relationships, rest, and concentration. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is part of the routine of many workers who consider it a fundamental element to reduce the stress of a hard day and increase their work performance.

Such is the importance of this drink in the workplace that, from a survey of 2,000 people, 47% consider it essential both to relax and to stimulate concentration. The following benefits confirm that coffee in the office is more than just an alarm clock:

Reduce stress levelsCoffee manages to reduce stress and calm anxiety, providing greater comfort and well-being to workers, which at the same time improves the work environment in the office.

1. Increase productivity

Drinking coffee stimulates concentration, reduces mental fatigue, and improves work performance. Even during work breaks, coffee keeps the mind active on the tasks that are being carried out, improving employee productivity and their ability to come up with new and better solutions.

2. Improve labor relations

Coffee is an excellent way to strengthen labor relations. In Sweden, for example, the FIKA method is practiced, which consists of setting up break rooms so that workers can have tea or coffee, giving them a place to relax in the middle of their day.

This not only improves relations between workers but also promotes teamwork to achieve goals.

3. Contributes to physical and mental health

Coffee has properties that, to an appropriate extent, benefit people’s physical and mental health. In addition, it can prevent degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s, strokes and prevent deterioration of vision.

4. Motivates

Coffee is known as an energizing drink to face the day to day with energy. In addition, after long periods of work, by returning to their work routine after a cup of coffee, workers feel fresh, renewed and with a better disposition to continue their activities in the office.

Benefits for the company

Coffee has not only become an ally for workers but also for the company, being a stimulant for productivity and a good working environment.

A cup of coffee at the right moment, whether during meetings, in the middle of the day, or after active breaks, can be decisive for a worker’s performance.

It is worth noting the availability of coffee throughout the day, with a varied offer of flavors so that this break in the working day is truly gratifying. You can get to know about Coffee Shop Lady via visiting online.

Keeping workers happy is, for many companies, one of the most important strategic objectives, and coffee is an excellent ingredient to achieve this, making workspaces more pleasant. In addition, it is a good energizer, allowing to increase the performance and efficiency of the company.