Nausea, fatigue, increased sensitivity to light and sound, stomach pain, and dizziness; all of these are symptoms of hangovers. There may be multiple methods to cure hangovers, but nothing beats the comfort and soothing taste of freshly made or left-over Chinese food! Ordering Chinese food to cure a hangover is not a foreign concept. According to a UK-based study, the average person spends at least two years of their life hungover.

When nursing a hangover, the most loved and ordered Chinese foods are the egg-fried rice, sweet and sour chicken. These foods, in particular, deserve a special mention as the elite combination of rice served with sweet and sour chicken is pure heaven! And the team of HungryPanda would not disagree.

Launched in 2017, HungryPanda is a Chinese food delivery app that had aimed to satisfy the food cravings of the Chinese people settled in the UK. Since these Chinese were not fluent in speaking and reading English, they often had difficulty apprehending food menus written in English. HungryPanda had specifically targeted these people and launched a mobile app that operated in Mandarin. In addition to that, they had also launched a 24/7 bilingual customer care service, which was a great help to the new immigrants. This app was a huge success not only among the Chinese but also those who admired Chinese food.

HungryPanda assured to deliver authentic tasting Chinese food, with a taste that would transport the Chinese locals back to their hometown. The team of HungryPanda knows what is best, so they take it on themselves to hand-pick the best Chinese restaurants in town that are known for the originality and authenticity in their food.

Over time, HungryPanda, with their prompt services and promise to deliver the best tasting Chinese food, has garnered attention from the locals as well. Their audience’s response boosted their morale and bolstered them to expand their services in other countries as well. They are currently serving in six major food markets of the world, namely, the United States, Australia, Canada, France, New Zealand, and the UK.

It would not be wrong to credit HungryPanda to spread the trend of Chinese food in countries where Chinese food was only consumed on certain occasions. People soon grew fond of the diversity of this cuisine. Ordering Chinese food became a norm, especially after long nights of partying or at odd hours (at night) to satisfy extreme Chinese food cravings. HungryPanda’s customers appreciate their apt services of delivering fresh Chinese food straight out of the wok into their homes.

Chinese food in the UK and several other countries is best known as comfort food. It is the ultimate guilt food that one consumes every once in a while. The reason why people crave Chinese food is due to their tasty sauces and delicious fried food. The spice in the sauces triggers the endorphin system in a way similar to narcotics. Intriguingly, if someone consumes sugary or spicy food while depressed or excited, their endorphin system may have a hyperactive response, making cravings even stronger. This explains why people crave Chinese food to treat their mood swings. Chinese cuisine even has a specific dish to cure hangovers named Congee. It is a thin rice porridge that is perfect for soothing bad stomach and groggy hungover mornings.  

Besides delivering the best tasting Chinese food, HungryPanda is also the bearer of having one of the most extensive food delivery system networks in the UK. With such a diverse system of delivery, the HungryPanda has an extremely large team of laborers. With their large network, they have managed to provide tons of job opportunities to people struggling with work.

HungryPanda’s decision to expand its services during the pandemic has also saved many businesses from shutting down. The lockdown situation in every country has adversely affected those who live on daily wages. Harsh situations like these have put people into an existential crisis. So, HungryPanda’s decision to resume their services during such times was indeed a good one and was much appreciated by their employees. HungryPanda was extremely cautious of the contactless service. They ensured all their employees got tested before they recommenced work and made sure all of the precautionary instructions were followed.

HungryPanda’s smart move to resume their services in Covid-19 benefitted their business on a huge level. They took advantage of the cravings of people that they had been developing throughout the Covid-19 lockdown. And as soon as they announced to restart their services, they received tons of orders from their loyal customers who missed eating Chinese food and had been waiting for them to reopen again. With a team so innovative and prompt, HunryPanda would soon be extending its services and exploring different markets of countries worldwide.