2019 should be about making the most of your time and getting more done. If you are really having issues completing client requirements or meeting project deadlines, then you have to rethink what tools you are using or why this is even happening in the first place.

Certainly, I believe in productivity, whether at work or in personal endeavors, the future is all about going in smart. Perhaps this is why I don’t mind getting in on available software out there which can help me get more out of my team and time. Let’s look at application service providers that have made 2019 awesome so far!


Quire is an online project management software that helps you capture ideas and break them into smaller tasks. Users can create and edit structured task lists with sub-tasks and unlimited items. Unlike other software, what Quire gives you is the simplicity and visual application that is easy to learn and comprehensible for the brain. Once all of the tasks have been listed out, you can select some of the crucial tasks to Kanban Board for visualizing the workflow. The best thing with Quire is, you can flip between tasks lists and Kanban board at anytime as needed.The elegant and simple interface is something any user would appreciate. Within a company, Quire doesn’t require advanced training.


Project managers love Todoist. Perhaps because of its advanced features like an intuitive interface, some AI features and a complete task management with the progress meter, checklist and various updates. Whatever management feature you may need such as time management, risk management, resource management or issue management, Todoist got you covered.


Wrike offers features such as task prioritization, real time newsfeed, task management, workload management and more. Your team will love this as it helps them work speedily and efficiently. What solution Wrike offers is to make sure your team can schedule, prioritize their tasks, discuss and track progress in real time.  

The central hub Wrike offers has a user-friendly navigation that could make it easier and simpler to work on the system. Whether it is the security features it offers so that only authorized users can access important information or accessibility for team members to work from anywhere  or anytime Wrike offers you so much when it comes to project management.


If you are considering syncing all information in a single, accessible hub, then Monday is the collaborating and communicating tool you need. One of the its main features is streamlining contribution, thus helping team and departments work more efficiently. Not only can you track projects, you can assemble and display progress data in a logical way.

From boosting the performance of your business through easy access to the platform and constant monitoring of performance of teams and individuals to easy collaboration for everyone to actively contribute and engage to a project, Monday may just be one tool you need in 2019!