Some of the realizations in life leave us wondering whether life is worth living yet deep within us we still believe that life is beautiful. Life is imperfect and this is because the earth is full of living things which are also imperfect. Everything that lives also dies at some point and this leaves many of us wondering why to live in the first place. To complicate the puzzle further, one could say that things that never die are also never or are rarely appreciated for their beauty. Only non-living things do not die because they never lived in the first place.

Nevertheless, the beauty of life is in the ugly. A lot of imperfections and failures which help us to appreciate perfection and success. As human beings, the only way to enjoy life is by embracing it in its totality. The good and the bad alike and learning how to live life in fullness as long as we are alive. When we make mistakes, we can learn and move forward and understand that such is life. It is more like knowing that everything that happens in your life is meant to make and not necessarily break you.

A lot of things may not make sense at the time when they happen especially if they are unpleasant. However, as you learn to appreciate life as it comes, then the beauty finally and gradually unfolds. Some of the most beautiful moments are the ones when you realize that:

Your failure birthed your success

Whether it is academic, business, or relationship failure, it hurts. However, sometimes your failure becomes the stepping stone for your success. Maybe you missed it the first time but as you learned from your mistakes, you ended up succeeding in ways you could never have imagined. You can also re-strategize and change your direction to achieve great success. Maybe if you had not failed you would have ended up with mediocre results.

The job you wanted so badly was not even the best for you

It is possible to desperately want a particular job so much that you believe it is your dream job. If you did not get this job that you so wished for, your heart was broken and you felt at loss. Then later you got into something else that made you realize that your potential was elsewhere and not in the initial job.

Your childhood struggles made a hero out of you

Nobody enjoys struggles regardless of their nature. If you went through a rough childhood and later made it to a successful adult, you can finally thank your struggles. Most of the time the issues we deal with earlier on in life become the molds that shape us. Converting your struggles to positive energy made you a role model for many.

The ‘friends’ you lost were enemies in disguise

Every human being desires to have genuine friends with whom they can share life. Some things can happen in your life and some of your so-called friends just take off. Even though it hurts at that moment, it will be a good thing to know who is genuine or fake. You even get an opportunity to make new friends and genuine friends.

Your world can entirely fall apart and leave you still standing

You cannot know how strong you are or how much you can stretch until you are tested and pushed to the limits. Sometimes life will happen and everything will fall apart right before you. During such a time, you are not sure whether you can survive it and your strength fails. However, when you realize that you are still alive and the storm begins to calm as you watch it, then it dawns to you that you are bigger than your struggles.

Expecting everything to make sense in this life is a waste of time. Some things, especially the bad ones happen so that we can learn to appreciate the good ones that we take for granted. Life is a beautiful pattern made from neatly interwoven good and bad yarns. The faster we realize this, the sooner we can begin to take life as a complete package and enjoy it nonetheless.


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