The Best Perks for Your Employees - Nurbek Turdukulov

Perks refer to non-wage offers extending beyond benefits and salaries. They include medical covers, retirement accounts, vision, and dental packages. You should include perks as an essential component of your company culture. Perks do not have direct effects on engagement but can support engagement initiatives if they are strategically planned. Here are the best perks to offer your employees.

Developing a Wellness Programs

The sedentary nature of the workplace has severe impacts on workers. Workers who sit for too long are likely to have negative health impacts in the long run. For instance, such employees might have Type-2 diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular complications. The sedentary demands at the workplace result in reduced morale, increased healthcare expenses, and less productivity. Therefore, a workplace wellness program is one of the best employee perks to help overcome health-related workplace challenges.

Implementing Employee Appreciation Programs

It is essential to recognize and appreciate your employee’s efforts. Even a simple compliment makes your employees feel valued. The recognition team works for virtual and physical teams because they give employees a sense of belonging and value. Additionally, an employee appreciation program will enable you to retain employees. Workers are likely to quit in jobs where they are not appreciated.

Giving Employees Paid Time off/Vacations

Some employees value vacations more than a pay rise. People can make more money, but it is impossible to make more time. Therefore, as organizations plan their annual calendar, including employees’ paid time offs is important. Also, vacations refresh the workers increasing the work output.

Giving Employees Recognition and Care Gifts

Every worker desire to be recognized and know their employer cares. Therefore, organizations should express care beyond the agreed employee benefits package and a standard paycheck. Currently, most organizations have shifted to virtual models increasing employees’ desire for recognition. Beginning a recognition and care program is a crucial perk that will enable employers to express their care.

Offering Health Insurance

Health insurance is an excellent perk that all employers should offer. Most employees can only afford the health insurance provided at the workplace because it is less expensive than private or public insurance. Moreover, employees are likely to perform better if given health insurance because they have peace of mind. They know in case of a major illness or accident, they are covered alongside their loved ones.