You’ve heard about power posing, right?

Using your body language to generate confidence, calm, or sharpness in your brain? ⠀
The Wonder Woman pose is the one you hear about most. ⠀

I’m sure it’s great before speaking on stage. Or walking into a negotiation. (Because a quivering lip does not back up “It’s my way or the highway.”)

But what’s the best power pose for work? For gettin’ sh*t done?

Wonder Woman, meet Sofa Woman.

For me — and I’m dead serious about this — I’m at my most productive and creative when I’m sitting feet-up on the sofa. (With a beverage in arm’s reach. )

Maybe because that posture signals “not really working” to my brain. My neurons think I’m watching Real Housewives. Which, in turn, triggers a response known by scientists as the “I want to” feeling.⠀

And that’s when I get the work done.⠀


Don’t you love science?

Now you.

What’s your favorite Power Pose for working?
What do you do to generate the “I want to” feeling?
For real, have you tried that Power Posing stuff?


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