Remote work

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought joblessness. It has created an unpredictable situation for the owners, managers, and employees worldwide. Many people were laid off during this time, while others went on furlough. In such circumstances, to avoid long-term unemployment, you must know the right methods to get a job.

Knowing the right techniques to search for a job is crucial whether you are an experienced professional, a new graduate, or still studying. The pandemic has not completely stopped the hiring process, and many companies are expanding their networks to find competent persons from the market.

It means that you should also create your network and expand your professional circle to stay updated with the current vacancies. Although the processes have gone virtual, companies are adapting to new changes and regularly resuming their work.

Read the article below if you are also struggling with landing a job. Our tips will help you enhance your job searching skills during the pandemic.

Get in Touch With Active Employers

COVID-19 has made it possible to actively contact each other online. Many companies are shifting towards remote work. As a result, they are actively hiring people by taking interviews through online platforms.

Therefore, you must update your professional profile online and stay in close contact with such companies. Send out your resumes and CVs on their job postings. Keep looking for any opportunity that may come on your social network timeline.

If appropriate, message them and ask about any job opportunity they may have relevant to your work experience.

Search On Remote Platforms

Many platforms are now hiring employees remotely and assigning work. Remote work has proven to reduce business expenses, as well as payroll costs. Moreover, many people are now getting inclined to remote work as it makes them more productive and helps them maintain a better work-life balance.

You can also contact such a platform and ask for jobs. One such platform is Worktually, where you can get your desired jobs via virtual settings.

Update Your CV And Resume

A break from your work is the right time to update your CV and resume with the latest information. During this time, polish your skills and include them in your CV. An updated CV, giving information about your latest skills, will help you leave a better and lasting impression on your employers.

If you are still in university, you can ask your university career building society to help you with effective CV building. For further information about writing the perfect resume to land a job, you can check out the websites of professional CV builders.

Focus On Your Skills

Landing a job may not be easy, and you won’t be hearing back from every employer. Instead of waiting for a callback during this time, utilize it and build some new skills. Learning new skills and adding their certifications to your CV will help you land a better and more suitable job.

Listen to various podcasts and free guides to learn how you can improve your communication skills.

Try To Stay Positive

Having the right attitude will surely help you attract more positivity in your life. It is normal to panic and despair for not getting the job in this period. However, you can keep your calm by practicing positivity.

This positivity does not only apply to your job searching alone, but the whole pandemic situation has made it necessary for you to have the right attitude. Accept that things have changed, and many people are suffering from this.

Prepare For A Virtual Interview

Almost all of the companies have adopted online platforms for conducting interviews. If you are new at this, you should probably prepare for giving a virtual interview. The most commonly used platforms for conducting virtual interviews and meetings include; Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype.

Follow some simple tips for preparing for a virtual interview:

  • Keep your room distraction-free
  • Have a plain background to look more professional
  • Dress professionally for the interview
  • Keep notes on the screen to sneak a peek at them
  • Check your microphone before any virtual meeting
  • Make eye contact during the interview to look more confident
  • Practice and prepare for the interview ahead of time

Be Available

Searching and applying for jobs online is not enough. Be available in case any employer wants to contact you for the interview. Keep your phone notifications on so you are alerted as soon as they contact you.

Take Away

Patience is the key to grab the right job. Be persistent in search for the job that you want and hope for the best. Moreover, stay in touch with remote job platforms and apply right away if there is any vacancy.