It’s easy to be duped by someone who seems to know what they’re doing because you don’t believe in yourself. You could make a decision based on what you think is right .We’re going to learn about a confident guy today. It was difficult for him to persuade his family to accept his career choice because he comes from a devout Marwari family. His trust paid off, and he is now a well-known music producer and DJ.

It began as a pastime and evolved into a passion. In 2010, Amit OR Akade began his musical career as ‘DJ Amit Kadel,’ appearing at a variety of private events. He has attended a number of state and national festivals on behalf of his college. He used all of his earnings from local gigs to set up his home studio. Without taking some music lessons, he began training on FL Studio and studying music composition on his own. EDM (Electronic Dance Music) production became his main priority over time.

It’s difficult to get through life if you don’t trust or believe in yourself, so having real, sincere self-esteem is important. When you lack self-confidence, you rely on others to make decisions for you rather than examining your own options. This is dangerous because it means that you will be manipulated by others rather than making your own decisions. Akade believed himself and on his capabilities!!!

He hopes to work with musicians from all around the world to market his music internationally. Artists from Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Australia, Jamaica, South Korea, Tunisia, Netherlands and India have partnered with him. In 2019, Akade hooked up with Jamaican dancehall phenomenon Mr. Vegas & his local pal PABLO. ‘Wobble Ma Head,’ their dance anthem, is well worth a listen.

If everybody only embraces things as they are, there will never be any imagination or progress in the universe. Light bulbs and the electricity to power them would never have been invented if Thomas Edison had frowned and concluded that gas lamps were adequate. If he hadn’t looked beyond the box, the world may have been a very dark (literally) spot.

Getting mentors and role models who will help you choose a path or lead you on your journey is, of course, advantageous. The final decision, though, is yours to make, not theirs. Being self-assured has the benefit of helping you to feel comfortable with your decisions, even though some disagree.

Akade is the first artist from Kolkata to achieve success in the electronic dance music industry. He’d always been intrigued with music and wished to learn how to do it himself.

In 2014, he launched his music project “Akade,” and the following year, he signed his first electronic track “Hands Up” to Mumbai-based record label Aaroh Music.

Akade’s latest song ‘Float Away’ featuring Claire Frances is the sound for Summer. Got picked up by BBC Music Introducing (The South) (United Kingdom) & exclusively played on BBC Radio Surrey & BBC Radio Sussex.

The rivalry is fierce, but it is his self-confidence that keeps him alive, and he will seize any wonderful chance that comes his way.