Gyms are one of the most popular ways to keep yourself on a regular fitness schedule. Until recently, gyms had been closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, so many people either found a new way to exercise, or decided to take a break altogether. If you’ve started getting back into your routine, you may not be ready to commit to a full schedule, but there’s still so much more you can do. Here are six tips for working on your overall health while staying at home.

Let Your Muscles Heal

If weight lifting is part of your workout, then you already know that rest days between sessions are required for muscles to heal and grow. When you lift weights, you’re actually breaking down fibers inside your muscles. When the tissue begins to repair itself, on days off, muscles are made. In other words, time away from your weights is just as important as your time spent with them. When it comes to building that six pack, there’s no need to feel guilty about time off.

De-Stress With Aromatherapy

Part of staying healthy is reducing your stress level. One effective way of finding calm is through aromatherapy. Certain scents have the ability to make you feel energized or even happier. Lavender, in particular, is a scent that’s incredibly soothing and you can experience this effect through flowers or long-lasting Young Living Essential Oils. Essential oils can be used in a diffuser or diluted and applied right to the skin.

Practice Meditation

Good health isn’t just about your body, but your mind, too. Finding balance is one way to stay in optimum condition when you’re away from exercising, and this can be achieved through meditation. Meditating in the quiet of the morning can set the tone for the rest of the day by helping dissipate feelings of anxiety and replacing them with serenity. Meditation takes time and patience to perfect, but once you’re doing it regularly, you’ll be able to see how it affects your entire demeanor.

Get Into Yoga

Similar to meditation, and just as beneficial, is the art of yoga. Yoga is another activity you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. Utilizing down time from the gym to stretch and stay flexible is just one perk of yoga. Due to its low impact character, yoga can help joint pain, improve your posture and is suitable for any age.

Enjoy Your Hobbies

Another great way to stay mentally and emotionally happy is by spending time on your hobby. Whether you love painting, writing or astronomy, investing in these pursuits allows you to express yourself in the most honest way possible–doing what you love. These special interests can lead to new friendships, activities like art shows and even a different career. Following a passion is important for your well-being, so don’t deny yourself time for hobbies.

Tweak Your Diet

Your diet is another major factor in your good health. Spend some time looking at the foods you eat every day and see where you can make improvements. Common places to start are looking at your sugar and fat intake. Most people eat far too much sugar whether in processed foods or naturally occurring. Try to reduce your sugar intake and add more healthy fats to your diet such as avocados and nuts. Make sure you’re getting enough fruits, vegetables, whole grains and of course, plenty of water each day.

Take a Walk

Even when you’re not participating in a high-impact cardio workout at the gym, it’s important to move every day. Walking is a great way to keep your body in motion on days off. Aim for at least 30-minutes per day. Think of all the ways you can add walking to your day, whether it’s to go shopping, get the Sunday paper or just to see a part of your city that’s new to you. If you can get creative with your walking missions, it won’t feel like a chore.

Look at Overall Health

Your health depends on physical exercise and nutrition, but mental and emotional health are just as important. While going to the gym is unparalleled for using weights and attending fitness classes, the projects you dedicate time to at home are just as important. Activities like meditation, aromatherapy and walking contribute a great deal to your overall well-being.