BZ9 is a professional SEO (search engine optimization) that is located in Egypt

We offer

  • Website design (A to Z)
  • Website hosting
  • Management for your website
  • Promoting your website through digital marketing strategy
  • Makes reports for you to analyze it and helps you know which part of your business needs improvement

What does business BZ9 do for digital marketing as a digital marketing company:

If you are having your own business and don’t have enough time and you have some ideas for growing up your business more through digital marketing that’s where a digital marketing company comes in.

We can help you to grow up your business in multiple ways s like helping you to reach your target audience with organic and social media traffic such as Google, YouTube, Facebook and most of the social media websites, we can also help you to introduce your business in a professional video with motion graphic designed by our professional designers, we can also help you to rank in google and other search engines using the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with our professional experts, we can also help you to promote your business website efficiently on google through google ADwords and bring you more business, overall we’ll help you to take your business to the next step with our marketing team, but its all up to you what to choose also you will be able to choose one of our digital marketing plans so you can choose which plan suits to your own digital marketing strategy

Why SEO is important

SEO is one of the best tools nowadays since it helps you to get traffics in easy way once you are ranking in search engines you will be able to get customers easily which are already searching for your products already for example if someone searching for “dog toys” through Google the first result in google search will be a dog toys products now the customer is going to check these results one by one until he reach what he was looking for.. So as long as you are ranking in the first pages you will be able to get more customers that they are already looking for your product which means a high chance for selling the product

There are more than 90% of internet users prefer to use Google search engine, and the appearance of your site in the first pages ensures you access to a large segment of the target audience.

With our SEO experts you will be able to reach the top 10 ranking website as they will make the strategy for you and work on it using Keyword Analysis, On-Page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization since we are one of the best SEO Company  we still able to work through the internet and we have been working with great websites already We improve search engine results by choosing the right keywords.
Promote your website on Google search engine.
Monitoring and tracking your site ranking and reporting.
Solve all site problems, breakthroughs, and databases.

Even if you don’t have your website yet our website design experts will help you to choose your perfect website design and design it for you since we already have top website designers beside that we will be able to manage it for you as we are a SEO agency and through the internet with our experts you will be able to reach the highest results also we are offering all the SEO services as we mentioned earlier

Now if you are having a website or still thinking about creating your own website to start your own business, stop thinking about it and take a step forward we will help you to start your website from A to Z also our SEO experts will help you to reach your audience.

Stop waiting and take your first step and leave everything else for us.


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